There has been a massive influx of zombie games in the market today. It all started from Left 4 Dead, then came Dead Island. I know there are many zombie games that was release before that and good thing, developers and game companies nowadays decided to explore the realm of the undead in an MMO perspective. Thanks to AMC’s  “The Walking Dead“, the zombie genre has been popularized once again. I am a 100% zombie killer fan and any dose of zombie, may it be movies or games, I’ll take it.

2013 is certainly a good year for the zombie genre. Many developers are eyeing to release zombie games for pc and the console. As you all know, Hammerpoint Interactive released their very own zombie MMO entitled “The War Z” at the late quarter of last year. Although it has been plagued with controversies and in-game bugs and hacks, its pretty much a good start for the Zombie MMO genre. Before TWZ, there was DayZ. Its a Mod for Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. Because its a mod, people need to buy Arma 2 first, then download the patch to be able to play DayZ. Because it uses the Arma 2 engine which has dynamic real life features, it became the predecessor of most zombie games in-development.

Through and with the help of bestfriend google, I found a few zombie games that are in development. First on my list is The Dead Linger. Disclaimer: The game is still in alpha and the devs are continuously adding content to the game. If you check their videos in youtube, you’ll immediately say that the graphic sucks and the animation is really bad. I don’t blame you for that, but like War Z, the game is also promising. You can play the game in solo mode or you can join their servers in multiplayer. I don’t know much about the game but will update you soon after I bought and play the game. You can visit their site here

Next one is DayZ Standalone. Based on the mod of Arma 2, Dean “Rocket” Hall sets his sights to new ground with this game. The game is still in development but the content of the game is very promising. I believe it will be the next big thing for the zombie genre. Hopefully they will release the game not later than this year. You can check their videos in youtube and the wiki here

Another one in my list but still incomparable to the likes of The War Z, DayZ and The Dead Linger, is Dead State. It has a different approach from the games mentioned above, it focuses on turn based gameplay. The game is still in development and I have little info about it. You might want to check their website for more information which can be found here


I just had to post this. 😀

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I didn’t get a chance to show my new skill build for my Assassin the past few weeks because I’m so busy with my work but now I have free time to post regarding my build and a new skill build I’m thinking. First of all, I decided to reset both my stats and skills because I felt weak during colo and 1 on 1 PVP. Though my skills and stats are well balanced before, I was itching to see my attack power reach 3k+. So now my stats are 50 Str 28 Agi 5 Vit. I sacrificed my Agi a little and max out my Strength to gain more damage. I realized that its better to add Str other than Agi for Assassins due to the skill Shadow Form which gives out 30% of attack power. Having a high base attack power  will increase the bonus attack I can gain from Shadow Form and its worth it, I assure you.

Stat Previous Current
Str 41 50
Agi 41 28
Vit 1 5

To compensate for the missing Agi and Crit, I am using Maestro Dexterity Boost Potion which is good for 30 sec and Buff foods  while fighting any boss. To increase my Str and Atk Pwr, I am using the Maestro Strength Buff Potion which gives me additional 22 Str. With full buffs, I can attain 3k damage with 44 crit rate. Bear in mind that I am still using Darkness valkyrie (both with +8 Agi runes) and Desperate Apostle (both with 2 +7 str runes)  Armor in my upper, bottom, glove and shoe and Bapho N Helmet (with +8 Str rune). I know some of you will ask why did I equip those over upgraded runes, well I also don’t know why. Maybe I just want to see my character strong even I haven’t got any good armors. As for my weapon, I’m currently using +8 Colo Weapon with 2 +8 Str runes.

Oh, and I managed to complete my Aromine Card Set yesterday. I bought an Aromine of Abyss Card for 10k from some random player. Good thing he accepted my offer because the price of the card in Auction is ridiculously high and overpriced. Now I am super poor lol. Need to farm those herbs again (btw people have been messing my business because alot of players started farming herbs and selling them in low prices *Damn you Jumbidesho* lol)

Going back to my build, I mentioned that I also reset my skills. (To view my previous skill build, click here) The changes in my skills are the following:

  • Increase Poisoning Weapon from level 1 to 5
  • Decrease Combo Training from 3 to 1
  • Decrease Shadow Fiend from level 3 to 1
  • All else remain the same

I know many of you wondered why I maxed the poisoning weapon. My logic for that is High Str = High Damage in Poison DOT. Simple as that. I gave up passive skills to get that but now I’m kind of slow in getting combo points. I don’t care about Shadow fiend but I think combo training really helps so I might reset my skill again. Below is the screenshot of my new skill build:


Though I might change that to


Well, we’ll see if I make up my mind to reset my skills again. Zeny nowadays are very hard to earn in the game. Thanks for reading and appreciate all of your views here on my blog!



The image above will be my new build for RO2 NA. I decided to set shadow strike to 1, use the remaining skill points to Dark Illusion 1 for faster leveling and additional dmg skill, Shadow Fang 1 for farming of Materials, and Max Combo Training for faster combo point generation. This by far is not the best build for assassin but would really help a player from the early levels to 50.

I saw a post in facebook regarding one piece mysteries and conspiracy and something got my attention. It was a picture of enel looking on a wall with heiroglyphics depicting 3 people in a ship with beaver like creatures. I immediately used my researching skills and thanks to google I got some pictures regarding Enel’s space exploration which are covered arts from Chapter 428 to 473 of the manga. In the front cover of chapter 470, we can see enel trying to decipher the meaning of the wall paintings and there is a translation that says “Studying the wall paintings – the winged moon people of the ancient” and on chapter 472, the translation says “The city on the moon is also named “Birka”. Lacking Natural resources, they flew to the blue planet.”

one-piece-64148 one-piece-1693721

Based on the results that I got from google, Birka has the following meanings:

Upon checking the 1st definition of Birka, it says that there are 3 kings who have spent time in the place. An excerpt in wikipedia – “Several Swedish kings of the 9th century, Björn, Anund and Olof, are all mentioned in Vita to have spent time in Birka. None of them is however said to have had his residence there, as the Swedish king and his retinue routinely moved between the Husbys, parts of the network of royal estates called Uppsala öd.” and another excerpt regarding Björn – “The sons of Björn Ironside were Eric and Refil. The latter was a warrior-prince and sea-king.” If you checked the wall paintings, there are 3 human like figures. One is wearing a Kaho horn, the 2 others are wearing a black helmet and a fish-like helm. Based from the cover art, we can deduce that the one with a staff wearing a kaho horn is the king and the 2 other are presumably his sons because 1, the staff is a sign of governance; 2 its because he has guards/soldiers at his back as seen in the picture.

Another description from One Piece Wiki (, In Enel’s cover story, there is an ancient city on the moon with another bunch of identical Spaceys. There is a painting on the wall that shows a Skypiean with Spaceys following him on the left while a Shandorian and Bilkan work on the right. After resources on the moon ran out, the three races departed for the “Blue Star”. – The blue planet is earth because almost 3/4 of the planet is water if you’re studying your grade school science. 😀

I’m still thinking what do those images mean. Are they the descendants of shandora/skypiea or the people from the Ancient Kingdom and because the natural resources from the moon ran out, they decided to migrate to earth? They are highly intelligent and were able to create a kingdom which is enormous, prosperous, and powerful both in natural resources and weaponry (including Ancient Weapons.) I’m also thinking that the fishman are also part of this history. Either they are descendants of these people or they have a connection with them (joy boy and mermaid princess). Well lets leave all that to Eichiro Oda sensei XD

Update Update!

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Hi guys,  sorry for not posting anything for the last 3 or so weeks. I was so busy at work that I have not time to check my blog.  Even though I can still play ro2, its not like before that I can still go to RHM or any other raid dungeons because I haven’t had enough time to play. I just use my time for colo, daily quests, harvest the herbs and stones that I farm and do some farming with my guildmates. Honestly, the past weeks has been hard for me..I’ve been doing this project which was very urgent so I had to concentrate  to finish it. I’m about to try this game called Age of Wushu which will be released this coming April 10, which is 4 days from now. I can’t wait to try it out and I’m so excited to check the gameplay. I’ve been reading alot of posts and watching alot of gameplay trailers and most of reviews are good. The game offers and immersive world and they say that its not your typical MMO wherein you just grind, grind and grind to make your way to stardom (lol) or raping the hotkeys in your keyboard to initiate the skill. Moreover, it offers a good storyline and setting plus you can fly and walk over fences, roofs and even water! How cool is that!? I’m also planning to try Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter which is alot like C9, Dragonest and RaiderZ. There are alot of good MMOs out there that I would like to try but I’m keeping my faith with RO2 and The WarZ which to me are both very promising. I’ll be posting my first impressions regarding the aforementioned games as days passed. Thanks!

Ok, so today I learned how to bug the daily quest though I haven’t tried it. I’ve been hearing bugs regarding it lately but I haven’t seen anyone doing it. Good thing my friend knows someone who abuses it everyday. Lowlives – yeah I know, that’s what I call them and those are the people who don’t know how to play the game fairly. I have low tolerance against hackers and bug abusers and I despise them. Sadly, Asiasoft doesn’t even care about it. The only thing they want is to earn m0ney and milk us players. Sorry, but I will never use real money to this game and I’d rather wait for the release of RO2 in our country and hope that this things will never be repeated and won’t happen again.

As each day passes by, the inflation rate and economy of ro2 is getting worse. Good thing I discovered a way to farm and earn money without abusing the game. Due to security reasons, I’d rather not share it to others and keep it to myself and my trusted friends. 😀