Assassin Skill Build V2 and V3

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Games, Guides, Ragnarok Online 2
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I didn’t get a chance to show my new skill build for my Assassin the past few weeks because I’m so busy with my work but now I have free time to post regarding my build and a new skill build I’m thinking. First of all, I decided to reset both my stats and skills because I felt weak during colo and 1 on 1 PVP. Though my skills and stats are well balanced before, I was itching to see my attack power reach 3k+. So now my stats are 50 Str 28 Agi 5 Vit. I sacrificed my Agi a little and max out my Strength to gain more damage. I realized that its better to add Str other than Agi for Assassins due to the skill Shadow Form which gives out 30% of attack power. Having a high base attack power  will increase the bonus attack I can gain from Shadow Form and its worth it, I assure you.

Stat Previous Current
Str 41 50
Agi 41 28
Vit 1 5

To compensate for the missing Agi and Crit, I am using Maestro Dexterity Boost Potion which is good for 30 sec and Buff foods  while fighting any boss. To increase my Str and Atk Pwr, I am using the Maestro Strength Buff Potion which gives me additional 22 Str. With full buffs, I can attain 3k damage with 44 crit rate. Bear in mind that I am still using Darkness valkyrie (both with +8 Agi runes) and Desperate Apostle (both with 2 +7 str runes)  Armor in my upper, bottom, glove and shoe and Bapho N Helmet (with +8 Str rune). I know some of you will ask why did I equip those over upgraded runes, well I also don’t know why. Maybe I just want to see my character strong even I haven’t got any good armors. As for my weapon, I’m currently using +8 Colo Weapon with 2 +8 Str runes.

Oh, and I managed to complete my Aromine Card Set yesterday. I bought an Aromine of Abyss Card for 10k from some random player. Good thing he accepted my offer because the price of the card in Auction is ridiculously high and overpriced. Now I am super poor lol. Need to farm those herbs again (btw people have been messing my business because alot of players started farming herbs and selling them in low prices *Damn you Jumbidesho* lol)

Going back to my build, I mentioned that I also reset my skills. (To view my previous skill build, click here) The changes in my skills are the following:

  • Increase Poisoning Weapon from level 1 to 5
  • Decrease Combo Training from 3 to 1
  • Decrease Shadow Fiend from level 3 to 1
  • All else remain the same

I know many of you wondered why I maxed the poisoning weapon. My logic for that is High Str = High Damage in Poison DOT. Simple as that. I gave up passive skills to get that but now I’m kind of slow in getting combo points. I don’t care about Shadow fiend but I think combo training really helps so I might reset my skill again. Below is the screenshot of my new skill build:


Though I might change that to


Well, we’ll see if I make up my mind to reset my skills again. Zeny nowadays are very hard to earn in the game. Thanks for reading and appreciate all of your views here on my blog!



The image above will be my new build for RO2 NA. I decided to set shadow strike to 1, use the remaining skill points to Dark Illusion 1 for faster leveling and additional dmg skill, Shadow Fang 1 for farming of Materials, and Max Combo Training for faster combo point generation. This by far is not the best build for assassin but would really help a player from the early levels to 50.

  1. KairoMakoto says:

    Do tell me how did it go cause i was doing to full agi instead and with all those Darkness valkyrie and Desperate Apostle. With full 51 agi 27 str 3 vit the critical can reach 43% with buff,pots,food but my damage can’t even reach 2k…….after seeing your guys i went and reset to your old build. But we have some differences in skills wise…….and your weapon is way better then mine since i lag a lot in colo………………….but do let me know ya share a bit of info

    Thx and nice guide

    • Thanks for your comment. using my current build, I can max my damage for deadly blow and shadow explosion. my crit with buff food and pots can reach 42%. by the way im using colo upper armor so my strength added but the agi remain the same as it is before. if you are planning on PVE, your build is good but i’d rather choose strength other than agi coz it will really boost atk power due to shadow form. I also lag alot in colo but compared to how i was before, i constantly reach 5th to last round everyday(if without lag). Before, I was so much addicted to agi/crit but then i noticed how badly i am in colo/pvp so I decided to go full strength. As for my old build, it is a balance build but you’ll notice sooner or later that you’d want to be strong and maximize your atk pow. As of the moment I can reach 3.2k atk pow with full buffs.

      • KairoMakoto says:

        Just a quick question how long does it take to get colo weapon and armor…..i can’t even pass round 1 something lol due to the massive lag…..I will reset once i get a colo weapon or so but as far as i heard from my guildmates you are right….hope to see us exchange info to help to build a better assassin that can owened

  2. Hmm what I did when they opened colo was to get all the accessories to increase my stats and add pvp damage. It took me around 2~3 weeks coz I always end up at round 2-3. That time I’m using 41 41 stats. As for the weapon, I think It took me around 1 1/2 month to get it. 700k points is no joke if you ask me due to lag and my pc can’t handle multiple skills at once especially knights and warrior AOE. By the way, I bought VIP membership to add stats to my assassin and to get additional HP and movespeed for colo and It really helped alot. I also use pumped it hard pill to increase my crit for 10 mins so in colo I can reach 43 agi with food buffs 🙂 I can now reach the last round using that. By the way make sure that you hide before the round starts then use either shadow assault or dark illusion for the last hit. then after than use shadow armor or look for any players with low hp. always attack the squishy types like wizard, ranger, warrior, rogue and sin. don’t bother with monk, knights, tank BMs and priest, its just a wast of time. make sure that you run around and don’t stay in one place even if you are attacking. It really helps a lot to confuse others. Thanks and hope it helps you. If you’re lagging, try to use game booster to speed up your pc.

    • KairoMakoto says:

      Thanks so much for that advice!!! Now i know i totally need to get a VIP and a reset i guess!!! Yeah i have all the pvp acc already expect the ring now i am reaching 200k blood point soon hopefully can get it asap for my sin!!! Thx a lot though and for sharing

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