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I saw a post in facebook regarding one piece mysteries and conspiracy and something got my attention. It was a picture of enel looking on a wall with heiroglyphics depicting 3 people in a ship with beaver like creatures. I immediately used my researching skills and thanks to google I got some pictures regarding Enel’s space exploration which are covered arts from Chapter 428 to 473 of the manga. In the front cover of chapter 470, we can see enel trying to decipher the meaning of the wall paintings and there is a translation that says “Studying the wall paintings – the winged moon people of the ancient” and on chapter 472, the translation says “The city on the moon is also named “Birka”. Lacking Natural resources, they flew to the blue planet.”

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Based on the results that I got from google, Birka has the following meanings:

Upon checking the 1st definition of Birka, it says that there are 3 kings who have spent time in the place. An excerpt in wikipedia – “Several Swedish kings of the 9th century, Björn, Anund and Olof, are all mentioned in Vita to have spent time in Birka. None of them is however said to have had his residence there, as the Swedish king and his retinue routinely moved between the Husbys, parts of the network of royal estates called Uppsala öd.” and another excerpt regarding Björn – “The sons of Björn Ironside were Eric and Refil. The latter was a warrior-prince and sea-king.” If you checked the wall paintings, there are 3 human like figures. One is wearing a Kaho horn, the 2 others are wearing a black helmet and a fish-like helm. Based from the cover art, we can deduce that the one with a staff wearing a kaho horn is the king and the 2 other are presumably his sons because 1, the staff is a sign of governance; 2 its because he has guards/soldiers at his back as seen in the picture.

Another description from One Piece Wiki (, In Enel’s cover story, there is an ancient city on the moon with another bunch of identical Spaceys. There is a painting on the wall that shows a Skypiean with Spaceys following him on the left while a Shandorian and Bilkan work on the right. After resources on the moon ran out, the three races departed for the “Blue Star”. – The blue planet is earth because almost 3/4 of the planet is water if you’re studying your grade school science. 😀

I’m still thinking what do those images mean. Are they the descendants of shandora/skypiea or the people from the Ancient Kingdom and because the natural resources from the moon ran out, they decided to migrate to earth? They are highly intelligent and were able to create a kingdom which is enormous, prosperous, and powerful both in natural resources and weaponry (including Ancient Weapons.) I’m also thinking that the fishman are also part of this history. Either they are descendants of these people or they have a connection with them (joy boy and mermaid princess). Well lets leave all that to Eichiro Oda sensei XD


Top 3 Anime and Manga

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Anime, Manga
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This is my Top 3 Anime and Manga.

  1. Naruto
  2. One Piece
  3. Bleach (actually its now Fairy Tail)