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There has been a massive influx of zombie games in the market today. It all started from Left 4 Dead, then came Dead Island. I know there are many zombie games that was release before that and good thing, developers and game companies nowadays decided to explore the realm of the undead in an MMO perspective. Thanks to AMC’s  “The Walking Dead“, the zombie genre has been popularized once again. I am a 100% zombie killer fan and any dose of zombie, may it be movies or games, I’ll take it.

2013 is certainly a good year for the zombie genre. Many developers are eyeing to release zombie games for pc and the console. As you all know, Hammerpoint Interactive released their very own zombie MMO entitled “The War Z” at the late quarter of last year. Although it has been plagued with controversies and in-game bugs and hacks, its pretty much a good start for the Zombie MMO genre. Before TWZ, there was DayZ. Its a Mod for Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. Because its a mod, people need to buy Arma 2 first, then download the patch to be able to play DayZ. Because it uses the Arma 2 engine which has dynamic real life features, it became the predecessor of most zombie games in-development.

Through and with the help of bestfriend google, I found a few zombie games that are in development. First on my list is The Dead Linger. Disclaimer: The game is still in alpha and the devs are continuously adding content to the game. If you check their videos in youtube, you’ll immediately say that the graphic sucks and the animation is really bad. I don’t blame you for that, but like War Z, the game is also promising. You can play the game in solo mode or you can join their servers in multiplayer. I don’t know much about the game but will update you soon after I bought and play the game. You can visit their site here

Next one is DayZ Standalone. Based on the mod of Arma 2, Dean “Rocket” Hall sets his sights to new ground with this game. The game is still in development but the content of the game is very promising. I believe it will be the next big thing for the zombie genre. Hopefully they will release the game not later than this year. You can check their videos in youtube and the wiki here

Another one in my list but still incomparable to the likes of The War Z, DayZ and The Dead Linger, is Dead State. It has a different approach from the games mentioned above, it focuses on turn based gameplay. The game is still in development and I have little info about it. You might want to check their website for more information which can be found here