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There has been a massive influx of zombie games in the market today. It all started from Left 4 Dead, then came Dead Island. I know there are many zombie games that was release before that and good thing, developers and game companies nowadays decided to explore the realm of the undead in an MMO perspective. Thanks to AMC’s  “The Walking Dead“, the zombie genre has been popularized once again. I am a 100% zombie killer fan and any dose of zombie, may it be movies or games, I’ll take it.

2013 is certainly a good year for the zombie genre. Many developers are eyeing to release zombie games for pc and the console. As you all know, Hammerpoint Interactive released their very own zombie MMO entitled “The War Z” at the late quarter of last year. Although it has been plagued with controversies and in-game bugs and hacks, its pretty much a good start for the Zombie MMO genre. Before TWZ, there was DayZ. Its a Mod for Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. Because its a mod, people need to buy Arma 2 first, then download the patch to be able to play DayZ. Because it uses the Arma 2 engine which has dynamic real life features, it became the predecessor of most zombie games in-development.

Through and with the help of bestfriend google, I found a few zombie games that are in development. First on my list is The Dead Linger. Disclaimer: The game is still in alpha and the devs are continuously adding content to the game. If you check their videos in youtube, you’ll immediately say that the graphic sucks and the animation is really bad. I don’t blame you for that, but like War Z, the game is also promising. You can play the game in solo mode or you can join their servers in multiplayer. I don’t know much about the game but will update you soon after I bought and play the game. You can visit their site here

Next one is DayZ Standalone. Based on the mod of Arma 2, Dean “Rocket” Hall sets his sights to new ground with this game. The game is still in development but the content of the game is very promising. I believe it will be the next big thing for the zombie genre. Hopefully they will release the game not later than this year. You can check their videos in youtube and the wiki here

Another one in my list but still incomparable to the likes of The War Z, DayZ and The Dead Linger, is Dead State. It has a different approach from the games mentioned above, it focuses on turn based gameplay. The game is still in development and I have little info about it. You might want to check their website for more information which can be found here


One Piece 700  Spoilers Summaries

Credit: Aohige

ONEPIECE Chapter 700: His own pace (referring to Luffy’s)
Caribou got curious and returned… only to find the soldiers looking for him. He hides from them.

As the world tumbles in chaos, several of Doflamingo’s clients tries to reach him.
One of his client is in middle of a civil war, and if they can’t get the weapons from Doflamingo, they will lose.
Bonny is wearing a coat that covers all her body (to hide?), reading all this in a newspaper.
Many others around the world read the news, wondering what Dofla is up to… and if there are more information about this.
Included are some random pirates, thugs on streets… and Jinbe.

Meanwhile in Captain Kid’s hideout in the New World..
Apooo (probably) yells out why their alliance is already revealed, and who the hell this news reporter Abusa is.
Apparently this news reporter is known for reporting multiple scoops in the recent times… (a contact in the underworld?)
Kid assumes Luffy & Law is also after a Yonkou, just like they are, and wonders who they are after!

Meanwhile in Dressrosa, the loli is sitting staring at countless den-den mushi ringing for the retired king.
Doflamingo is on the phone with Law. “It’s me. I quit Shichibukai”
Luffy jumps on the phone and yes “Hello! Hello! This is Monkey D Luffy, the man who will be the pirate king!”
He then tells him they’ll return Ceasar since it’s a promise, but if you’re Ceasar’s boss who did all those horrible things to the kids and Brownbeard, he’ll come kick his ass if he ever does it again. lol
Dofla ignores the threat, and asks where Luffy, the brother of Ace… has been for the past two years.
Luffy replies it’s a secret he’s not supposed to tell.
Dofla tells him he has something in his possession that Luffy wants.
Luffy assumes he has some delicious meat. Of course.
Law stops Luffy, warning him to not let him control the conversation at his pace.

Law tells Dofla to cut the chatter, and that he will return Caesar as promised.
Dofla first confirms his “business partner”‘s saftey by listening to Caesar’s voice.
Law tells him the exchange will be done eight hours from now, at the southern beach of Green Bit, located north of Dressrosa.
They will leave him there at 3PM, he can come recover him after that. There will be no contact.
Dofla says that’s a shame, he would have liked a drink or two with Law all grown up.. but Luffy cuts the phone.
Luffy says Dofla was about to control the conversation at his pace again, while his eyes are still meat-on-bones.

Sanji is worried Dofla will bring his whole crew, but Law says that doesn’t matter.
This whole returning Caesar business is really just to buy time.
The plan is to use this time to attack the SMILE factories on Dressrosa, but there is one problem… Law doesn’t know where the factory is.
That was one crucial information he could not obtain, the factory may be hidden somewhere.
Law claims he has never been to Dressrosa.

Luffy is already thinking about the adventures on Dressrosa, and wants to also go to Wano soon after.
Law warns him they need to make plans, they can’t just show up there, but Luffy is already not listening, he and the Strawhat crew are already on to talking about breakfast.
Law is sucked into the conversation, saying he’s not fond of bread…. only to catch himself getting sucked into Luffy’s “pace”. LOL

Kin can’t tell the crew WHY he was being chased, but originally he set out to find the place known as Zoe (Zou/Zoe)
Law is surprised to hear this, going there was his next objective after destroying the factory on SMILE. His crew are waiting there (Bepo “AIAI!”)
Kin wants to ask them if they can tag along but is hesitent from asking, but Luffy immediately says they’ll go along all the way to Wano.
Law: Hey! Wait, hold on there!

Three samurai and Momo.. the four of them were sailing for Zoe, but got lost on the sea.
Two samurai (including Kin) and Momo made it to Dressrosa. But they were chased by Doflamingo and Momo ended up sneaking onto a ship full of ill children.
The other samurai Kanjuro sacrificed himself to allow Kin to chase the ship, and is held at Dressrosa still.
Luffy & co are moved by the tale, and swears to go rescue Kanjuro, while Law desperately tries to convince them to stay on the plan.

Meanwhile, at New World Marine HQ…
Commodore Brannew is explaining the importance of Shichibukai to board full of marine officials,
The current seven were…
“Hawkeye” Mihawk – the world’s greatest swordsman
“Ten-yasha (Heavenly Devil)” Donquioxte Doflamingo – King of Dressrosa and Charisma of evil
“The Tyrant” Bertholomew Kuma – The Human weapon of the marines
“Pirate Empress” Boa Hancock – Current Empress of Amazon Lily
“Surgeon of Death” Trafalga Law – The mastermind behind the Rocky Port incident
“Clown of thousand coins” Buggy – the leader of the Pirate Ditachment Organiztion and a living legend
Plus the aforementioned man… making it seven. (Looks like Brannew was talking about the mysterious seventh shichibukai before we were cut to thsi scene)

But that all changed this morning as Dofla suddenly quit the Shichibukai.
This will cause an unbalance in the world order! Sakazuki tells Brannew he is aware of all this.
He won’t let Law or the Straw Hats have their way. He got the report from Smoker in G-5, and already dispatched Fujitora.

Meanwhile in Dressrosa..
The crowd outside the palace are begging for their king to not abandon his throne
Baby 5 is looking for master Trevor, and asks the loli where he is. She doesn’t know.
The old man and woman of Dofla’s crew are wondering what the master is planning to do, while the fat man is flexing saying he’ll take on any marines that come.
Trevor finds Baby 5, and approaches her. Trevor is a slimy, ugly man. He is both slimy in appearance and attitude, which Baby 5 cannot stand. She tells him Dofla is calling for him, to bring him “the goods”. (revealed at later…)
Trevor jokes about Baby 5 picking the wrong men, and she should marry him instead
To which Baby 5 goes into her usual “he needs me!” behavior, which the geezer duo puts a stop to.

Dofla is talking to a man named Diamante, the “hero” of the colosseum.
He commends his work at making the colosseum a success. Diamante tells Dofla the credit is all yours, as a charismatic king.
But Dofla insists Diamante is the hero of the colosseum, and the credit is his.
Dofla almost takes back what he said after Diamante replies again he isn’t worth, but Diamante stops him in his tract “Well in THAT case, I shall admit. I AM the hero of the colosseum!!”

While the two are having this rediculous conversation, the slime-man Trevor appears to bring him “the goods”.A small treasure chest.
Dofla says if the Straw Hat finds out about this, he will do everything in his power to obtain it.
His “alliance” will be nothing but a shackle to him.
Dofla entrusts “it” to Diamante, to which Diamante refuses saying he is not worthy.
Dofla insiists. Diamante insists. Dofla almost gives up, when Diamante cuts him short “OK I ADMIT I’M A GENIUS!”

What’s inside the treasure chest is Ace’s Mera-mera fruit.
Dofla laughs, the Straw Hat wouldn’t want anyone else having this fruit, now would he? Fuffuffu!

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats arrive at Dressrosa – the island of Love and Passion.
The island is surrounded by massive boulders,
“We’re here! Dressrosa!”

End of One Piece 700 chapter

Credits to all people in Mangaspoiler
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Sony unveils Playstation 4! Nice, though I’m not fond of playing console games. 😀

Warm Bodies is a movie set in a post zombie apocalyptic world which focuses on the everyday life of zombies after they “turned”. Its an unusual zombie movie in a way because it combines comedy and romance. In a sense, we can say that its a zombie version of Twilight minus the glittering effects of vampires and the big muscles of half naked men that transforms into wolves. It stars Nicholas Hoult as R, the main protagonist of the movie and Teresa Palmer as Julie, his food love interest  err..wait did I say Love? lol

Well its quite unusual for zombie films to be combined with comedy and/or romance, if you think about Resident Evil and Dawn of the Dead wherein the main characters fights the dead until the very end. However, in Warm Bodies it starts with R meets Julie and saves her from his fellow zombies and immediately falls in love to her. After that, it was followed by a series of events that lead to the zombies to  regain their humanity. Oops, I must have spoiled the fun for you guys by revealing those things.

I haven’t watched it in theaters though I’m planning to catch it over the weekend. Here is the trailer of the move courtesy of Youtube


Warm Bodies is based from Isaac Marion’s popular 2011 novel of the same name. It was released in the Philippines in January 31, 2013 and February 1 in the United States. Originally, its just a single book but  the author released a prequel recently and is planning to add another book. I think I might start reading it after I watched the movie because my sister has the 1st book and she downloaded the e-book of the prequel. I’m an instant fan of this movie/book because its about zombies plus there’s Teresa Palmer (hehe)

For more information of the movie Warm Bodies, you can check their website here

Thanks for reading and I hope you can check it on theaters near you 😀


I just want to share to you guys a preview for this great manga. Its called The God of Highschool or GoH by PARK Yong-Je. I’m not a fan of korean manga but this is just too awesome. Its somewhat similar to Tenjo Tenge minus the big boobies and gangsters running around. This manga focuses on the martial arts around the world that are being used by high schoolers in Korea ranging from Taekwondo (used by the main protagonist), Karate, Sword skills, to Charyeok (God Power) which the user borrows a power from the “gods”.

I’m not really sure how popular this manga but as for my rating, I’ll give it 8 out of 10. The illustrations are not that good compared to naruto, bleach, one piece and fairy tail but its enough to get you hook up. The best thing in this manga is that it’s colored and it focuses too much on its martial arts illustrations like when a character punches, kicks or performs a certain move. I started reading this manga last year and since then, I’ve been checking it out every week. Usually they upload a new chapter on Fridays and all pages are colored! How awesome is that? 😀

The plot of the story is about 3 friends who met each other in the tournament they participated. They grow strong each fight and learn new techniques in their art. What amazes me in this manga are the charyeoks or the god power. This are techniques and/or things that they can summon and use in battle. As of now, it has 93 chapters and each chapter consists of 30 to 40 pages.

Sample Images:

250px-The_Ninetails_Guardian tumblr_mdl6e4JfKR1qmapeqo1_500

(Naruto, U MAD? hehe)

The characters shown above are the main characters of the manga series. They both use the same technique and skills but I wonder who is stronger. 😀 I suggest you give it a try if you are bored and got nothing to do. If you are a fan of tekken, tenjo tenge or just plain MMA, you could check on this.

If you feel like reading this manga, kindly check it here