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ragnarok 2-2

Are you having a hard time getting materials for your crafting? Fear not my fellow Asgardians, I’ll be discussing the ways to farm these crafting materials. For your information, I managed to get 2 sets of each of the items in just 2 to 3 hours of constant farming (well I have lots of free time and I’m kind of bored with my main character).

Crafting Materials – This are materials that can be looted from monsters, some are easy to be acquired but same are quite rare. You can get the items from any monsters as early as level 1 (porings) and can be quite hard to farm if your killing monsters level 40 and above.

earthly_trace1 Earthly Trace – Principal Item for Armor crafting (BS and Artisan), Blue Potion (Alchemist), HP and SP Food (Chef)

Firmament_Essence1 Firmament Essence – Principal Item for Armor crafting (BS and Artisan) and Red Potion (Alchemist), and HP Food (Chef).

Monster_Fragment Monster Fragement – Principal Item for Armor crafting (BS and Artisan), Boost Potion (Alchemist), Def and Dodge, Attack and Block food (Chef).

Root_of_Life1 Root of Life – Principal Item for Armor crafting (BS and Artisan), HP and SP Potion (Alchemist), SP food (Chef).

spirit of ruin 1 Spirit of Ruin – Principal Item for Armor and Weapon crafting (BS and Artisan), Buff Potion (Alchemist), Buff (Atk and Matk ) food (Chef).

Before I start discussing about farming, I have 2 requirements for you to be able too continuously farm the materials above and this are:

  • Farmer character with AOE skill preferably Swordsman, Mage, Thief
  • Storage character (any will do as long as you have 3 medium bags)

Ma6 SKILL_SWORDMAN_MAGNUMBREAKE_01 Th4Farmer Character – These are characters that you can use to farm items. The classes that I personally preferred are swordsman, mage and thief because as early as level 2, you can start farming although I do not suggest doing that because you will constantly die while farming due to your low level, equipment and stats. Those 3 classes have an AOE (area of effect) skill which is Magnum Break for Swordsman, Meteor Assault for Thief and Thunder Storm for Mage all of which deals decent damage to 3 monsters with 3 sec cooldown. If you feel like using these characters and max their level to 50, I suggest you just put just 1 skill point to the skills that I’ve mentioned but if you are just using the character for farming purposes like me, you can max out the aoe skills. 1 farmer character is enough for 1 account. As for me, I created a Thief and leveled it up to 25 and change its job to Rogue and I immediately learn Rolling Cutter (0 sec cooldown, 10% damage to 3 up to 10 monsters) and started farming.

use_made_mediumbags_01use_made_mediumbags_01use_made_mediumbags_01Storage Character – This will be the character that you will use to keep the materials. Every time you complete a set (99 pcs of each crafting material), you need to send it to your storage character. Any character class will do as long as you have 3 medium backpacks with no items in the inventory, even at level 1. What I did is that I created a new character, switched to my main and send 3 medium bags and equip it.


Farming Area – The best area where I am currently farming is the newbie grounds particularly from Leisurely Flip (Level 1 Monster, 49 HP) which is next to the baby porings. Respawn rate is quite fast, they spawn back 2-3 seconds after I kill them. The number of mobs are quite high compared to porings and baby porings. Known drops are pollen, level 1 equips, potions and food. Based from my experience, material drops here are more than that of the porings and any other mosnters in the newbie grounds plus they are easier to kill.

Leisurely Flip

I managed to get this many using my thief/rogue from level 1 to 25. I farmed for about 2~3 hours after I changed my job. Most items where looted when I was leveling my character up. I haven’t send the materials from my other character(s)

282634_10151236651126470_888441634_nBefore I finish this post, I just want to add a few last words regarding the topic. Farming is good if you have alot of free time and if you are bored. If you really need the material immediately, then use your main character and farm the hell out from those Leisurely flips. I created this post for other players encountering problems in crafting esp in potions where you really need alot of firmament essence. It was also my problem that’s why I decided to create a farmer to collect the items I need.

Thank you for reading and may you find this post helpful!


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