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Hey guys, you familiar with The WarZ? I’ts a post zombie apocalyptic MMO RPG. Talk about The Walking Dead, Counter Strike and Left For Dead in 1 game right? Well I bought the game last Oct and was able to play the beta test. It’s one hell of a game if you’d ask me. The suspense, thrill, keeps me awake til morning. As of this moment, I’m inactive but i’ll be back when they release a new patch with more content. I’ve enjoyed the game probably to its fullest together with my clanmates, we scavenged and do loot runs often and we also camp to kill other players 😀


In this photos, I managed to kill 3 players because of the darkness and my stealth skills. (well I just proned and kill the shit out of them and they didn’t even notice me HAHA!) The loot was awesome and they are fully packed. Sadly, my bag was full and I wasn’t able to carry more items. Got alot of guns, armors, food, melee weapons and other items. I was able to go back to the safezone without encountering other players. The best times I had when I was playing The WarZ 😀