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WarZ: Back from the grave

Posted: February 13, 2013 in The WarZ
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I guess I’ll be going back to WarZ  sooner than expected. I joined a new clan and I’m itching to play. Currently updating my client. 😀


warznew (13)

I’ve read an article posted in The War Z forums that they will be implementing a new patch today. I’ll be summarizing the notable features in the patch:

  • Server Rentals/Private servers – welcome to PVE
  • Form a party up to 10 members and Group and Clan members show icons in the map – my clan mates will love this
  • Vault to access global inventory inside the game through an NPC in the safe settlements – how convenient
  • General store to access Marketplace – not really into buying because most of the items are obtainable in the game
  • New Weapons – Mosin rifle, Colt 1911 – I would want to try this
  • New item spawns – I’m a born looter so I would really want to explore the new item spawns
  • Added more zombies to increase difficulty in good item spawns – more reason to farm and kill zombies 😀

It seems that the devs have been working hard to add more content in the game, seeing that the players decreased drastically after Christmas. I myself stopped playing due to the release of Ragnarok Online 2 here in SEA and because there’s alot of hackers during our time. It has been 2 months since then and I admit that I miss playing The War Z. However, I’m still thinking if its really worth the time to play again with the new contents being added here and there, even though I know there are still hackers around. My friends and clan mates also stopped playing due to the controversies after Hammerpoint release the game in Steam. Although the company were quick to take action, it didn’t stop the rumors and the bad publicity that the game and/or the company is a fraud.

I haven’t entered Colorado (the name of the map in War Z) for 2 months now, I don’t know what to expect and what to see in there. Though I still remember the places, loot spawns, zombies, and the “friendly” players who will start shooting at you when they see you in a few meters (talk about sarcasm hehe), I miss the game and everything from it, from the thrill and suspense that it brings to you, the fear of being killed, the joy of winning a shootout with other players — as in everything.

When I’m playing the game, I feel like I’m inside the world of The Walking Dead. Speaking of which, it was the mid-season premier yesterday and I’ve already watched the episode in low quality. It was quite impressive I must say though I know what will happen even before the series started because I’ve read the comics. Back to the topic, is it really worth the time to go back in playing WarZ now that they added more content? Hmm..well to tell you the truth, No. There’s still alot of things need to be improved in the game. Cars are still not implemented, built in communication system still not up, gameplay needs to be improved, character designs and customization should be updated.

I’ve posted an article in the War Z forums where I’ve written some suggestions to the game. I’ve managed to list down some things that would improve gameplay like item durability, addition of trucks for multiple transport of people, addition of npcs, more buildings, animals, fishing and hunting, swimming, weather effects, zombie loots, compass and minimap, and in-game titles. So far the devs have been very supportive and they added some of the things I listed down. However, the updates in the content are still not enough to encourage players to play again.

A few last words regarding the topic. As a player, it really excites me to check the new content that will be added today (or tomorrow because I’m in GMT+8). I want to play if I have spare time though not at the moment because I’m busy with Ragnarok Online 2 and the projects I have in the office. I’m planning to give it a try this coming weekend after valentines and hopefully I can enjoy it again the same as before. I’ll be asking some of my friends to join me and form a group and lets see what happens. I’ll be posting some screenshots over the weekend to give you a glimpse on what to expect inside the game. For now, enjoy the screenshots below:

WarZ-horde ibd42NAPqcDdE6320464_272714146179233_593227616_n zombie-mmo-games-the-warz-alpha-screenshot-9

If you want to read the post regarding the new patch today, please click on this link here

The War Z – the world’s first survival mmo Zombie Game.

If a zombie outbreak happens now, how far will I go? Your survivability rate will greatly depend on the circumstances and the current location where you are in. Second, what will you do first amidst the chaos? How fit are you to be able to get past the zombies? Are you prepared to do whatever it takes just to stay alive or would you just avoid contact from zombies and other survivors, keep it low and stay silent? Can you maintain your humanity despite the things that happened (or will be happening)? These are the questions that I always ask myself  if a zombie outbreak is to happen now.

Where are you right now? 
Your current location is the first factor to consider when there is a zombie outbreak. The common places where people are when the zombie outbreak happens are likely the following:

  • Houses
  • Streets/Roads or Highways
  • Office/Buildings
  • School
  • Hospital
  • Mall

shaunofHouse – If you are in your house then your in luck because you have the necessary things to survive e.g food, shelter, mobility(if you have a car), weapons (if you have baseball bats, hammers, or shotguns etc). However, if you are in an urban area where there’s a large neighborhood then chances are you’ll be immediately killed by one of your friends or neighbors. if you are living in a low population area, then you might be able to survive the first few hours of the apocalypse. Mind you, the first 3 hours of the outbreak is very crucial to be able to determine your survivability.

zombiesStreet/Road – If you are on the road with your car then you are in pure luck. Everything is in chaos and your just driving your way past the outbreak although there’s just one downside, Traffic. Everyone is thinking the same, get on your car and get away as fast as you can. Because of the traffic, the zombies will catch up to you and just kill everything on their path. It’s not a bad thing to bring your car but make sure that if it gets crowded, get your things and just run. You can make it alive by running through the forest or anywhere out of the road. Make sure to grab a wrench or any tool that you can find handy before going out of your car because it might save you from the zombies coming after you. If your traveling on foot, try to make your way in an open space or to the forest, avoid roads and urbanized areas.

Dawn-of-the-Dead-zombies-elevatorOffice – If you are in the office then I’d say your survivability is very low unless you manage to get some weapons which is very rare on that location if you’d ask me and other survivors trying to get out of the building. Most of the time, the entrance of the building is blocked by zombies because of the people who tried to escape first are first ones to be eaten. If you are planning to use the elevator, then it will be your instant death. Once the door opens, every zombie will come after you and that’s the end. Most of the time, its best to take the long route which is the stairs and by the way, don’t try to go to the emergency exit because there’s alot of zombies there, I assure you. The rooftop is a good place to hide but its also the worst location you’ll be. When you get there, there’s no other place to go and the only option is to jump from the building or make your way back inside which I doubt you will opt to do because of the horde of zombies coming after you. If you manage to seal the door and lockout yourself in the roof, then you can make it alive, for now. Because your in the rooftop, chances of food and water supply is very low unless you were able to pack things up in the cafeteria or if you have a pack lunch in your bag which I doubt you’ll have time to think about that with what is happening around. Your chances of survival in the office building is very low, but if you manage to get out alive, then that’s good.

Zombie-Classroom-76086School – If you are in school, then I have bad news for you. Because of the large population of students, the virus will spread rapidly and chances are you’ll be dying in minutes. A good example of this is the anime High School of the Dead(HotD) wherein the school was attacked by a single zombie, a teacher was bitten and in just minutes, it spread like wildfire. Weapons are also rare in this location though there are some like baseball bats, tennis rackets. There’s also less hiding place and most of the time you’ll encounter wondering zombies at the lobby and in classrooms. The front gate is block and there’s likely a little percentage of cars. If you are in grade school or middle school, then I’d say there’s a high probability for you to be eaten. If you are in high school and college then you might be able to survive and get past the zombies, just try to avoid getting noticed and being a douchebag.

hospital-zombieHospital – Well you are out of luck because most of the people there are infected and are about to turn in no time. You have no choice but to leave them and run for your lives. Melee weapons are rare and if you ever find one, its not that effective against the zombies unless you copy the man at the picture on the left but instead hitting the zombie on its head. You’ll have a hard time going out of the hospital and the only chance that you have is to go to the rooftop or block yourself in a room and hide their until the chaos subsides.

dawn-of-the-dead-21_480_posterMall – Its not the best place to be in a zombie outbreak. There’s alot of people but there’s also alot of weapons to choose from. You can go to a hardware store and grab a hammer or wrench; you can visit the sports shop and get a baseball bat, or you can just simply go to the gun store and load yourself with a rifle, shotgun or a pistol.

While you’re reading this post try to ask yourself if you can survive the outbreak when it happens. I know some of you are in front of your computers and will probably wonder, if the outbreak happens now, what will I do? Where should I go? Do I go outside and kill the shite out of those things? Will I fortify my house and stay there for a while till rescue comes? Will I ask for help from other survivors? Those questions will be tackled on my next posts. I’ll be discussing further on this topic  and discuss some rules to follow in a zombie outbreak. For now, thanks for reading and if you find this post good, kindly like my blog and keep following me. Feel free to leave a comment and/or suggestion.

Warm Bodies is a movie set in a post zombie apocalyptic world which focuses on the everyday life of zombies after they “turned”. Its an unusual zombie movie in a way because it combines comedy and romance. In a sense, we can say that its a zombie version of Twilight minus the glittering effects of vampires and the big muscles of half naked men that transforms into wolves. It stars Nicholas Hoult as R, the main protagonist of the movie and Teresa Palmer as Julie, his food love interest  err..wait did I say Love? lol

Well its quite unusual for zombie films to be combined with comedy and/or romance, if you think about Resident Evil and Dawn of the Dead wherein the main characters fights the dead until the very end. However, in Warm Bodies it starts with R meets Julie and saves her from his fellow zombies and immediately falls in love to her. After that, it was followed by a series of events that lead to the zombies to  regain their humanity. Oops, I must have spoiled the fun for you guys by revealing those things.

I haven’t watched it in theaters though I’m planning to catch it over the weekend. Here is the trailer of the move courtesy of Youtube


Warm Bodies is based from Isaac Marion’s popular 2011 novel of the same name. It was released in the Philippines in January 31, 2013 and February 1 in the United States. Originally, its just a single book but  the author released a prequel recently and is planning to add another book. I think I might start reading it after I watched the movie because my sister has the 1st book and she downloaded the e-book of the prequel. I’m an instant fan of this movie/book because its about zombies plus there’s Teresa Palmer (hehe)

For more information of the movie Warm Bodies, you can check their website here

Thanks for reading and I hope you can check it on theaters near you 😀


Are you familiar with this anime? Well, HOTD or High School of the Dead is an anime series that follows the lives of high school students after a worldwide zombie pandemic. The virus spread rapidly, killing most of the world’s population in just days after the outbreak. The characters were forced to fight for their lives to survive as a group. They try to preserve their humanity and hold on to survive the plague.

The series is an anime adaptation of the manga “Gakuen Mokushiroku Haisukūru obu za Deddo” by Daisuke Sato and is currently under hiatus. It has  12 episodes for season 1 and 1 OVA and most of the titles contains the word “Dead” like “Spring of the Dead” for episode 1 and “All Deads Attack” for the last episode. As for the manga, it has 29 chapters and the last was released sometime in March 2011. It has been 2 years since then and I’m still excited about season 2. All of us fans of this great anime are still wondering on when will they release the season 2 or continue working on the manga. I was checking google and found out about season 2.

Highschool of the Dead Anime Season 2 Confirmed
During the “Highschool of the Dead” panel at Anime Expo 2011, it was confirmed that there will be a second season of the anime. It is still not known when production will begin or when the new season will be airing. You can see the video here

I hope they continue working on this anime/manga because I know there’s alot of people who likes it and will be heartbroken if the creators and artists decides to stops producing it. I’ll be adding some animeted gifs so you’ll have an idea on what you’ll see on this anime/manga

Caution: Adult/Mature content.

Thanks for reading and may you find this anime/manga worth watching and reading. Have fun and enjoy!


Ok, no need to explain this. 😀


As the name suggests, Its a game about zombies. Not that its a “massive” game compared to The War Z and DayZ but it can also give you the same thrill and suspense + the action of a shooter game in a BEV (Birds-Eye-View). I started playing this game since 2011 but I stopped last may 2012 because it’s very hard to level up your character once you reach the level 30s.

Background Story: 

The story of the Dead Frontier of Fairview City – where the survivors of the last few human bastions inhabit Nastya’s Holdout, Fort Pastor, Precinct 13 and Dogg’s Stockade try to hold back the hungry horde of infected from day to day begins with the outbreak during the summer of 2016.
All information gathered since the initial outbreak is a complex mesh of facts, rumors, theories and sometimes, plain fiction. Often hard to differentiate from each other, due to a lack of Secronom Industries survivors for reliable information.

Everything that has been found out and confirmed along with the most likely theories about certain aspects of the N4 can be found in the articles listed below. Read the history and all known information, learn of our common past and problems; it may even help you to survive a bit longer.

As you will notice, the safe settlements were named after famous places in zombie and action films, like Dawn of the Dead’s Fort Pastor and Assault on Precint 13’s Precint 13 which can be found in the game.

The main goal of players in this game is to level up, survive and scavenge by going to the inner city by killing zombies, looting cars, corpses and houses. The best thing about this game are the weapons that you can acquire. the variety of weapons ranges from melee, sniper and assault rifle, pistols, grenade launchers among others though its advisable to specialize in 2 weapons of your choice.

Features of the Game:

  • Class System
  • Stat point system
  • PVP System
  • Weapons and Armors
  • Huge post-apocalyptic world to explore
  • Barricading and creating own hideouts
  • and lastly, ZOMBIES!

Note: The pictures were taken from google.

081956331_081836495dfc5db17ea267ea027134d145198e97cfc2e9d8b 660px-Nastya deadfrontier mission-mock 660px-DF_Map Rain

  • The 1st picture shows the stats screen of your character
  • The 2nd shows the 1st outpost that you’ll be after you create your character
  • 3rd is a screenshot of a player killing zombies
  • 4th shows the daily mission screen, given any time of the day.
  • 5th shows the world map, color coded from blue to red which shows the level of difficulty of zombies
  • 6th shows a random screenshot of a player making his way past zombies in the inner city.

If you want to check it out, please visit their official game site here

I’ll just explain the features of the game in another post. Thanks for reading and I hope you can try out this awesome game! 😀