RO2: Bugs, bugs and more bugs…

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Ragnarok Online 2

Ok, so today I learned how to bug the daily quest though I haven’t tried it. I’ve been hearing bugs regarding it lately but I haven’t seen anyone doing it. Good thing my friend knows someone who abuses it everyday. Lowlives – yeah I know, that’s what I call them and those are the people who don’t know how to play the game fairly. I have low tolerance against hackers and bug abusers and I despise them. Sadly, Asiasoft doesn’t even care about it. The only thing they want is to earn m0ney and milk us players. Sorry, but I will never use real money to this game and I’d rather wait for the release of RO2 in our country and hope that this things will never be repeated and won’t happen again.

As each day passes by, the inflation rate and economy of ro2 is getting worse. Good thing I discovered a way to farm and earn money without abusing the game. Due to security reasons, I’d rather not share it to others and keep it to myself and my trusted friends. 😀


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