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I didn’t get a chance to show my new skill build for my Assassin the past few weeks because I’m so busy with my work but now I have free time to post regarding my build and a new skill build I’m thinking. First of all, I decided to reset both my stats and skills because I felt weak during colo and 1 on 1 PVP. Though my skills and stats are well balanced before, I was itching to see my attack power reach 3k+. So now my stats are 50 Str 28 Agi 5 Vit. I sacrificed my Agi a little and max out my Strength to gain more damage. I realized that its better to add Str other than Agi for Assassins due to the skill Shadow Form which gives out 30% of attack power. Having a high base attack power  will increase the bonus attack I can gain from Shadow Form and its worth it, I assure you.

Stat Previous Current
Str 41 50
Agi 41 28
Vit 1 5

To compensate for the missing Agi and Crit, I am using Maestro Dexterity Boost Potion which is good for 30 sec and Buff foods  while fighting any boss. To increase my Str and Atk Pwr, I am using the Maestro Strength Buff Potion which gives me additional 22 Str. With full buffs, I can attain 3k damage with 44 crit rate. Bear in mind that I am still using Darkness valkyrie (both with +8 Agi runes) and Desperate Apostle (both with 2 +7 str runes)  Armor in my upper, bottom, glove and shoe and Bapho N Helmet (with +8 Str rune). I know some of you will ask why did I equip those over upgraded runes, well I also don’t know why. Maybe I just want to see my character strong even I haven’t got any good armors. As for my weapon, I’m currently using +8 Colo Weapon with 2 +8 Str runes.

Oh, and I managed to complete my Aromine Card Set yesterday. I bought an Aromine of Abyss Card for 10k from some random player. Good thing he accepted my offer because the price of the card in Auction is ridiculously high and overpriced. Now I am super poor lol. Need to farm those herbs again (btw people have been messing my business because alot of players started farming herbs and selling them in low prices *Damn you Jumbidesho* lol)

Going back to my build, I mentioned that I also reset my skills. (To view my previous skill build, click here) The changes in my skills are the following:

  • Increase Poisoning Weapon from level 1 to 5
  • Decrease Combo Training from 3 to 1
  • Decrease Shadow Fiend from level 3 to 1
  • All else remain the same

I know many of you wondered why I maxed the poisoning weapon. My logic for that is High Str = High Damage in Poison DOT. Simple as that. I gave up passive skills to get that but now I’m kind of slow in getting combo points. I don’t care about Shadow fiend but I think combo training really helps so I might reset my skill again. Below is the screenshot of my new skill build:


Though I might change that to


Well, we’ll see if I make up my mind to reset my skills again. Zeny nowadays are very hard to earn in the game. Thanks for reading and appreciate all of your views here on my blog!



The image above will be my new build for RO2 NA. I decided to set shadow strike to 1, use the remaining skill points to Dark Illusion 1 for faster leveling and additional dmg skill, Shadow Fang 1 for farming of Materials, and Max Combo Training for faster combo point generation. This by far is not the best build for assassin but would really help a player from the early levels to 50.



I’ve been checking a lot of websites and blogs for guides regarding the Union System in RO2 but it seems that those are incomplete so I decided to consolidate all of the guides in to 1 and give credit to the people who put their effort just to create the guides for the union system. As for my part, its very hard to try out all the unions just to know each of their quests and most questions asked by people are regarding the location of the NPC where you can exchange the union points and what items are available for each union. I will list down all the unions that you can join after you reach level 50, the location of the NPC and the items that can be exchanged for the points you acquire after you finish each quest.

By the way you can access the Union Window by pressing the semicolon key (;) in your keyboard. In addition, you can also leave your chosen Union but first you need to complete or abandon all the union quests, open the union window, click the icon of your chosen union and a window will pop-up that asks you if you want to quit which is shown below:

quiting union


Currently, there are 6 unions available which are:

  • Prontera Knightage
  • Darkness Shadow
  • Magic Academy
  • Odin Orthodoxy
  • Hunter
  • Alberta Merchant Alliance

Each unions have their own unique quests and rewards. You can choose any union although most people, especially newbies tend to choose the union specific to their class  (i.e if you are an Assassin, they choose Darkness Shadow which I did and I regret it) though I recommend you check first what materials and/or items you need and what your goal is after you reach the level cap (for example, if your an Assassin like me, you need Fragment of the Unknown which can be exchanged for 14 points in Odin Orthodoxy, Colossal Bradium Piece which can be exchanged for 14 points in Alberta Merchant Alliance). Based on this, you can save time and effort by choosing the right union for your character.

1. Prontera Knightage
Desert Freyjanity Sweep Kill Freyjanity High Warriors, High Illusionists and High Apostles at the north east of the Road of Blessings 2 Points
Holy Cross Crusaders Supply Collect ‘Flammable Wood Blocks’ from the Manderus of Verta Delta 2 Points
Suppress the Wolf Cave Kill Wild Male and Female Rackufs at the Wolf Cave in HARD Mode 4 Points
The Unwelcome Guest from Another World Kill ‘The End’ at the Sandarman Fortress of the Road of Blessings in HARD Mode 6 Points

Exchange NPC Location: outside the swordsman guild house in Prontera just in front of the cathedral.
prontera knightage
Exchangeable Items:

2. Darkness Shadow
Assassination of the Freyjanity of the Forest Kill ‘Poisoner’ at the north west of Maple Forest without being detected by freyjanity mobs 2 Points
Assassination of the Freyjanity of the Desert Assassinate ‘Poisona’ at the north east of the Road of Blessings without being detected by freyjanity mobs 2 Points
Seed of Darkness Kill Jeiwatch at the Sand Storm Fortress of Sogratt Desert in HARD Mode 4 Points
Ingredients for the Fatal Venom Collect ‘Fatal Venom’ from Venomer at the Hell of Deadly Poison of the Divided Plains in HARD Mode 6 Points

Exchange NPC Location: north part of Prontera near the Assassin and Rogue class change.

Exchangeable Items:

3. Magic Academy
Magic Orb Collect the ‘Magic Energy’ from the large Purple Orb near the Afanc village at the east of the Southern Plains 1 Point
Vanaheim Magic Collect ‘Vanaheim’s Magic Fragment’ from Imps and Demons from Arrogance’s Vanaheim of Payon Forest and Fury’s Vanaheim of Maple Forest 1 Point
Ancient Legacy 1 Defeat Kiel MK-II at the Abandoned Laboratory of Maple Forest in HARD Mode 6 Points
Ancient Legacy 2 Defeat Kiel MK-III at the Fortress of Sandarman of the Road of Blessings in HARD Mode 6 Points

Exchange NPC Location: inside prontera castle.

Exchangeable Items:

4. Odin Orthodoxy
Letter of Agreement of the Odin Orthodoxy Go to Payon Monk Temple at the north west part of the map and deliver the letter to submaster songchu 1 Point
Purification Ritual Visit and pray to the 4 runes stones (tombs) at the payon forest near the payon dungeon at the south east part of the map 2 Points
The Evil Soul of the Secret Forest Tomb Kill Evil Fire Phatom which can be found at the Payon Dungeon 3rd floor in Hard mode 6 Points
The Corrupt Holy One Kill Edith Schweiz, the last boss next to Drake which can be found in the sunken ship in Hard mode 6 Points

Exchange NPC Location: Outside Prontera cathedral.

Exchangeable Items:

5. Hunter
Desert Wolves Kill 10 Desert Wolves at the west of Sogratt Desert 2 Points
Raise the Reputation Hunt the Lone Traveller, Tyrant Rush-Tank and Death Pereiz in Divided Plains 2 Points
Tears of the Mermaid Collect ‘Mermaid Tears’ from Obeaunes and Coral Obeaunes at the Temple of the Sea God of Izrud Hill in HARD Mode 4 Points
Overlord of the Depths Defeat the Ungoliant at the Hell of Deadly Poison of the Divided Plains in HARD Mode 6 Points

Exchange NPC Location: at the middle of Divided Plains near the profession experts

Exchangeable Items:

6. Alberta Merchant Alliance
The Lost Delivery Item Collect the 3 delivery items which can be found at the port of Alberta (2 in the port and 1 at the beach) 1 Point
Age of Mining Collect Nephrite Ore found in Southern Plains, the Divided Plains and Verta Delta. (Tip: You can collect 4 minerals in divided plains, 3 near the town at the middle of the map, 1 near the entrance to alberta) 1 Point
The Old Enemy of Merchants Kill Edze of Sogratt Desert and Miyaong of the Road of Blessing 2 Points
Ghost of the Sea Kill Drake at the Cursed Ghost Ship of Verta Delta in HARD Mode 6 Points

Exchange NPC Location: at the middle of Alberta, near the house with 2nd floor npc

Exchangeable Items:

I will be updating the quests for each union once I have enough time. It’s 3 in the morning and I’m kind of sleepy. >.< Thanks for reading and feel free to visit again anytime.


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For those who are asking for my build (especially my guild mates), this is the skill build that I use for my assassin. So far, I’m doing good in 1 on 1 PVP but average in Colosseum. This build utilizes all the basic skills of an Assassin like Shadow Explosion, Shadow Fang which is your main offensive skills and the prerequisite skills needed like Shadow Form, Combo Training and Shadow Fiend. My build focuses on combos and criticals to deal max damage to PVE and PVP which is why Shadow Cloak and Genocide Mark is Max at 5. The downside of this build is the decrease in mobility as an assassin because I didn’t add hiding exceed. AOE is not really an option when it comes to Assassins so don’t add points to Shadow Fang and Meteor Assault. Cross Impact and Grimtooth(though you can gain combo points while using it) are worthless skills but is required for other skills so just put 1 point to each skill. Double Attack and Deadly Blow is still your bread and butter when it comes to PVE. Shadow Assault is good for both PVE and PVP because it lets you leap towards your enemy and it also includes fall damage(stun) for 3 seconds.
Click here for the actual skills simulator
assassinskill build


STR 41 (gives Damage and Block)
AGI 41 (increates Crit and Evasion)

As for my stats, I focused on STR and AGI, all else are set to 1. Vit doesn’t give you much so I only depend on gears for my Vit and HP. With this build, I can get around 40% critical rate using Archer’s Agi buff, Genocide Mark, Shadow Cloak, Level 40 PAtk, Matk, Crit Food, Level 50 Agi buff potion + Level 50 Agi boost potion. With that rate, I can crit 8/10 from my attacks which is considered as a full crit assassin although if not using an agi boost potion, my crit rate drops to 36% which is still not bad considering that no other class can reach that :D. As for my damage, it’s enough to do DPS on bosses and sometimes tank until our our knight is revived with the help of shadow armor and heal of priests.

  • Genocide Mark gives 2% crit rate at level 5, not 0.2% so if your crit is 20%, you’ll have 22% when you use the buff.
  • Shadow Armor gives 50% damage reduction to all types of attacks so If the boss hits you with the normal damage of 1000, while your using this buff it reduces the damage to half and you’ll receive 500.
  • Shadow Form gives you 30% attack damage and 30% moving speed, not 30% attack and moving speed.
  • Pros: Average build, High damage to crit ratio, High survivability due to Shadow Armor, balance on PVE and PVP
  • Cons: Less mobility, Vit and HP depends on gears, 1 on 1 fighting

If you are planning to create an assassin, make sure that it fits the type of player you are. If you are a soloist like me then its the best class out there aside from beast master, wizards and rangers. Moreover, don’t expect that it’s still the same with RO1 that has high dodge rate, survivability and ridiculous attack speed because gravity really nerfed assassins to the fullest. If you’re a party lover, I suggest you don’t create an assassin. You’ll have a hard time joining one because no one wants you, only your buff unless you have friends or guild mates 😀 By the way, you will always look like a werewolf due to shadow form but you’ll get over it soon hehe. This is not the perfect build for assassins but it works best for me. In the end, you can try out different builds and use the ones that suits you and your style.

ragnarok 2-2

Are you having a hard time getting materials for your crafting? Fear not my fellow Asgardians, I’ll be discussing the ways to farm these crafting materials. For your information, I managed to get 2 sets of each of the items in just 2 to 3 hours of constant farming (well I have lots of free time and I’m kind of bored with my main character).

Crafting Materials – This are materials that can be looted from monsters, some are easy to be acquired but same are quite rare. You can get the items from any monsters as early as level 1 (porings) and can be quite hard to farm if your killing monsters level 40 and above.

earthly_trace1 Earthly Trace – Principal Item for Armor crafting (BS and Artisan), Blue Potion (Alchemist), HP and SP Food (Chef)

Firmament_Essence1 Firmament Essence – Principal Item for Armor crafting (BS and Artisan) and Red Potion (Alchemist), and HP Food (Chef).

Monster_Fragment Monster Fragement – Principal Item for Armor crafting (BS and Artisan), Boost Potion (Alchemist), Def and Dodge, Attack and Block food (Chef).

Root_of_Life1 Root of Life – Principal Item for Armor crafting (BS and Artisan), HP and SP Potion (Alchemist), SP food (Chef).

spirit of ruin 1 Spirit of Ruin – Principal Item for Armor and Weapon crafting (BS and Artisan), Buff Potion (Alchemist), Buff (Atk and Matk ) food (Chef).

Before I start discussing about farming, I have 2 requirements for you to be able too continuously farm the materials above and this are:

  • Farmer character with AOE skill preferably Swordsman, Mage, Thief
  • Storage character (any will do as long as you have 3 medium bags)

Ma6 SKILL_SWORDMAN_MAGNUMBREAKE_01 Th4Farmer Character – These are characters that you can use to farm items. The classes that I personally preferred are swordsman, mage and thief because as early as level 2, you can start farming although I do not suggest doing that because you will constantly die while farming due to your low level, equipment and stats. Those 3 classes have an AOE (area of effect) skill which is Magnum Break for Swordsman, Meteor Assault for Thief and Thunder Storm for Mage all of which deals decent damage to 3 monsters with 3 sec cooldown. If you feel like using these characters and max their level to 50, I suggest you just put just 1 skill point to the skills that I’ve mentioned but if you are just using the character for farming purposes like me, you can max out the aoe skills. 1 farmer character is enough for 1 account. As for me, I created a Thief and leveled it up to 25 and change its job to Rogue and I immediately learn Rolling Cutter (0 sec cooldown, 10% damage to 3 up to 10 monsters) and started farming.

use_made_mediumbags_01use_made_mediumbags_01use_made_mediumbags_01Storage Character – This will be the character that you will use to keep the materials. Every time you complete a set (99 pcs of each crafting material), you need to send it to your storage character. Any character class will do as long as you have 3 medium backpacks with no items in the inventory, even at level 1. What I did is that I created a new character, switched to my main and send 3 medium bags and equip it.


Farming Area – The best area where I am currently farming is the newbie grounds particularly from Leisurely Flip (Level 1 Monster, 49 HP) which is next to the baby porings. Respawn rate is quite fast, they spawn back 2-3 seconds after I kill them. The number of mobs are quite high compared to porings and baby porings. Known drops are pollen, level 1 equips, potions and food. Based from my experience, material drops here are more than that of the porings and any other mosnters in the newbie grounds plus they are easier to kill.

Leisurely Flip

I managed to get this many using my thief/rogue from level 1 to 25. I farmed for about 2~3 hours after I changed my job. Most items where looted when I was leveling my character up. I haven’t send the materials from my other character(s)

282634_10151236651126470_888441634_nBefore I finish this post, I just want to add a few last words regarding the topic. Farming is good if you have alot of free time and if you are bored. If you really need the material immediately, then use your main character and farm the hell out from those Leisurely flips. I created this post for other players encountering problems in crafting esp in potions where you really need alot of firmament essence. It was also my problem that’s why I decided to create a farmer to collect the items I need.

Thank you for reading and may you find this post helpful!


Credits to:



Ok, so I reached the level cap last week and I was wondering what’s next for RO2. Apparently, there were news about the content updates for RO2 in Korea and I’ll be listing all of it here! yey!

First of all, there will be a new race! Its called “Noel” though I’m not really sure if its a halfling or dwarf but it looks SMEXY (smart + sexy). With this, we can choose either human or the new race. Now I want to create one for another Assassin >.<


Next, they will also add WOE or War Of the Emperium! Hmm sounds like Lag again (hehe) and they are planning to add the content on April this year (kRO2). I’m not really a fan of WOE but I know alot of players will really love it. I was once part of a guild in RO1 and I joined 1 time and it was both fun and tiring. I guess it will be a bit different, knowing that there’s alot of changes in RO2.

They will be adding 2 new classes in kRO2 this year (not sure about this, I hope its Ninja and Gunslinger). As you all now, RO1 added Ninja and Gunslinger late in the game (if you know the history of the game and it really went well) I hope they add it in SEA this year or in the near future.

So to summarize:

  • New Race “Noel”
  • WOE – War of the Emperium
  • 2 New Classes

To read the full report, kindly click on this link here