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Unexected Result -9999

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Ragnarok Online 2
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I’m having a hard time logging in to RO2 and it says “Unexected Result -9999”. Seems like after they fix the facebook login, it affected the normal login. Are the devs of playpark that dumb? lol

Talk about the best time to encounter this. I really want to play!




As the name suggests, Its a game about zombies. Not that its a “massive” game compared to The War Z and DayZ but it can also give you the same thrill and suspense + the action of a shooter game in a BEV (Birds-Eye-View). I started playing this game since 2011 but I stopped last may 2012 because it’s very hard to level up your character once you reach the level 30s.

Background Story: 

The story of the Dead Frontier of Fairview City – where the survivors of the last few human bastions inhabit Nastya’s Holdout, Fort Pastor, Precinct 13 and Dogg’s Stockade try to hold back the hungry horde of infected from day to day begins with the outbreak during the summer of 2016.
All information gathered since the initial outbreak is a complex mesh of facts, rumors, theories and sometimes, plain fiction. Often hard to differentiate from each other, due to a lack of Secronom Industries survivors for reliable information.

Everything that has been found out and confirmed along with the most likely theories about certain aspects of the N4 can be found in the articles listed below. Read the history and all known information, learn of our common past and problems; it may even help you to survive a bit longer.

As you will notice, the safe settlements were named after famous places in zombie and action films, like Dawn of the Dead’s Fort Pastor and Assault on Precint 13’s Precint 13 which can be found in the game.

The main goal of players in this game is to level up, survive and scavenge by going to the inner city by killing zombies, looting cars, corpses and houses. The best thing about this game are the weapons that you can acquire. the variety of weapons ranges from melee, sniper and assault rifle, pistols, grenade launchers among others though its advisable to specialize in 2 weapons of your choice.

Features of the Game:

  • Class System
  • Stat point system
  • PVP System
  • Weapons and Armors
  • Huge post-apocalyptic world to explore
  • Barricading and creating own hideouts
  • and lastly, ZOMBIES!

Note: The pictures were taken from google.

081956331_081836495dfc5db17ea267ea027134d145198e97cfc2e9d8b 660px-Nastya deadfrontier mission-mock 660px-DF_Map Rain

  • The 1st picture shows the stats screen of your character
  • The 2nd shows the 1st outpost that you’ll be after you create your character
  • 3rd is a screenshot of a player killing zombies
  • 4th shows the daily mission screen, given any time of the day.
  • 5th shows the world map, color coded from blue to red which shows the level of difficulty of zombies
  • 6th shows a random screenshot of a player making his way past zombies in the inner city.

If you want to check it out, please visit their official game site here

I’ll just explain the features of the game in another post. Thanks for reading and I hope you can try out this awesome game! 😀


Hey guys, you familiar with The WarZ? I’ts a post zombie apocalyptic MMO RPG. Talk about The Walking Dead, Counter Strike and Left For Dead in 1 game right? Well I bought the game last Oct and was able to play the beta test. It’s one hell of a game if you’d ask me. The suspense, thrill, keeps me awake til morning. As of this moment, I’m inactive but i’ll be back when they release a new patch with more content. I’ve enjoyed the game probably to its fullest together with my clanmates, we scavenged and do loot runs often and we also camp to kill other players 😀


In this photos, I managed to kill 3 players because of the darkness and my stealth skills. (well I just proned and kill the shit out of them and they didn’t even notice me HAHA!) The loot was awesome and they are fully packed. Sadly, my bag was full and I wasn’t able to carry more items. Got alot of guns, armors, food, melee weapons and other items. I was able to go back to the safezone without encountering other players. The best times I had when I was playing The WarZ 😀

Application Form

Posted: February 4, 2013 in The WarZ
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I was checking out my clan’s website in WarZ and I was surprised alot has changed. I haven’t been active in the game for like a month now due to Ragnarok Online 2 and I also noticed the low activity of my clanmates so for now I’m currently Inactive. I remembered my application form there and I just want to share it out here. 😀

Name: Jed

Age: 24

Country: Philippines

Ingame Name: BladeFury

Why do you want to join Via Domus: I need a group who i can work with in and out of the game.

What can you offer us as a player: pretty good in strategy, looting/scavenging skills, leadership, companionship, almost 20 hours online on weekends, loyalty

What do you expect from us as a clan: just like a family, helping each other, protecting other members just as you protect your own.

Where did you hear about us: Ippoc contacted me in the forum and invited me to join

What kind of a player are you: im both a leader though im not the type of person who wants to be one but I can be one in critical situations. I’m more of a role player wherein I can join loot runs, work in a team

Have you previously or are you currently affiliated with other clans: no

Explain teamwork in 20 words or less: I got your back, you got mine

Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it: Yes

How many hours per week do you play video games: weekdays 4 to 6 hours every night, weekends about 18 to 20 hours non-stop playing

Did you read the rules and do you comply with them: Yes and I would adhere to the terms and conditions

Anything else you would like to add: None so far, maybe next time.

I miss playing WarZ with my clanmates 😀


Card Stats:

  • Scratch Raider Card (+6 STR/AGI/INT/WILL, +17 VIT) – Obtained from “Reaver” creatures in Road of Blessing
  • Scratch Raider Card [General+] (+8 STR/AGI/INT, +7 WILL, +21 VIT) – Obtained by card synthesis with a Scratch Raider Card

I was checking out builds for my assassin after I reached level 50 and it says that I need 5 scratch thief cards preferably the normal+ ones. I immediately check the auction just to find out that it costs as from 280z to as much as 350z (too overpriced). A guild mate suggested to try out card combination and see if it would turn well for me and he also said too try using a card designation from the item mall. I was surprised it costs 130z each and a box is 650z which contains 5 of those card designation though it can also be bought from the item mall but i decided to buy a box.

Next was the scratch thief card (can be found in the road of blessing – lvl 50 map). Upon checking in the auction, it costs 50z so i just decided to farm it. After a day of farming I was able to get 6 (dunno if I’m lucky or I’m just persistent) and I collected 4 other cards to combine.

And here are the results: (2/5)

  • 1st try: Success! (yey)
  • 2nd try: FAIL
  • 3rd try: FAIL
  • 4th try: FAIL
  • last try: Success err…finally 😦

Because of the result, I decided to just buy another 2 scratch thief card [normal+]. I was lucky that there was one player who is very friendly and he/she decided to sell it to me for 400z all in all even though in the auction it was 280z each. I also gave her 25 pcs Maestro potion for compensation 😀

Total cost breakdown:

Card designation – 650z

Scratch thieff card – 0z

Random cards – 200z

Scratch theif card+ – 400z

Maestro Potion Recipe – 50z

Total: 1300z

I was so frustrated because of the result of that effin card combination, but I learned something about what happened. Its not really about the cards to be mixed out but it relies on pure luck 😀 At first, i thought if I combine all level 50 cards it would help in the success rate but that did not really help that much. As for the assignment of cards in the slot, nah. did not really healp also because I’m using card designation.

After that frustrating card combination, I went back to road of blessing and farm the hell out of those scratch thieves and I managed to collect a total of 14 cards in 3 days of constant farming hehe 10 of those were sold in the auction and I got 500z with that. Easy money huh? I killed like 500+ or nearly 1000 to get those 14 cards. Got lost in the count hahaha

Well, that’s it for now! Thanks for reading and RokOn2!


Ok, so I reached the level cap last week and I was wondering what’s next for RO2. Apparently, there were news about the content updates for RO2 in Korea and I’ll be listing all of it here! yey!

First of all, there will be a new race! Its called “Noel” though I’m not really sure if its a halfling or dwarf but it looks SMEXY (smart + sexy). With this, we can choose either human or the new race. Now I want to create one for another Assassin >.<


Next, they will also add WOE or War Of the Emperium! Hmm sounds like Lag again (hehe) and they are planning to add the content on April this year (kRO2). I’m not really a fan of WOE but I know alot of players will really love it. I was once part of a guild in RO1 and I joined 1 time and it was both fun and tiring. I guess it will be a bit different, knowing that there’s alot of changes in RO2.

They will be adding 2 new classes in kRO2 this year (not sure about this, I hope its Ninja and Gunslinger). As you all now, RO1 added Ninja and Gunslinger late in the game (if you know the history of the game and it really went well) I hope they add it in SEA this year or in the near future.

So to summarize:

  • New Race “Noel”
  • WOE – War of the Emperium
  • 2 New Classes

To read the full report, kindly click on this link here