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Ok, so today I learned how to bug the daily quest though I haven’t tried it. I’ve been hearing bugs regarding it lately but I haven’t seen anyone doing it. Good thing my friend knows someone who abuses it everyday. Lowlives – yeah I know, that’s what I call them and those are the people who don’t know how to play the game fairly. I have low tolerance against hackers and bug abusers and I despise them. Sadly, Asiasoft doesn’t even care about it. The only thing they want is to earn m0ney and milk us players. Sorry, but I will never use real money to this game and I’d rather wait for the release of RO2 in our country and hope that this things will never be repeated and won’t happen again.

As each day passes by, the inflation rate and economy of ro2 is getting worse. Good thing I discovered a way to farm and earn money without abusing the game. Due to security reasons, I’d rather not share it to others and keep it to myself and my trusted friends. 😀


Thanks for all the views!

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Hi everyone! Thanks for taking time to view my blog and I really appreciate it. I’m kind of busy this past weeks which is why I haven’t posted some guides or information regarding RO2 and other games but I’ll try my best to post something in the coming weeks. As what you have seen in my blog, I’ve posted some guides for farming in RO2. Sadly, I cannot publicize it because it might be blocked by the devs. I assure you that its not a bot nor an illegal program. I created the guide for the sole purpose and usage of my guild members and friends. Again I’m sorry but I cannot share the password to it and I also asked my friends not to share the password to anyone. I’ll be changing the passwords once in a while to moderate the access and views of people, even my friends. If ever you have questions for me, you can add a comment on my post, send me a message or whisper me in-game. My character information, facebook, twitter are all found at the sidebar. Thanks and keep it coming guys!

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

  • Skills have been added to the game. More info on skills HERE.
  • A sound is now played when picking up items.
  • Optimized the server rental menu to be more intuitive.
  • Updated loading screen art.
  • Added an eating sound for zombies.
  • Barricades and notes are now saved between server restarts. When the servers come back up, so will your barricades and notes.
  • Fixed a bug with some gear that was displaying 0kg weight.
  • Fixed a bug on the server browser page that allowed for filters to be checked but were not actually working.

Oooohh! Skills are here! The game keeps getting better and better!


I’ve been checking a lot of websites and blogs for guides regarding the Union System in RO2 but it seems that those are incomplete so I decided to consolidate all of the guides in to 1 and give credit to the people who put their effort just to create the guides for the union system. As for my part, its very hard to try out all the unions just to know each of their quests and most questions asked by people are regarding the location of the NPC where you can exchange the union points and what items are available for each union. I will list down all the unions that you can join after you reach level 50, the location of the NPC and the items that can be exchanged for the points you acquire after you finish each quest.

By the way you can access the Union Window by pressing the semicolon key (;) in your keyboard. In addition, you can also leave your chosen Union but first you need to complete or abandon all the union quests, open the union window, click the icon of your chosen union and a window will pop-up that asks you if you want to quit which is shown below:

quiting union


Currently, there are 6 unions available which are:

  • Prontera Knightage
  • Darkness Shadow
  • Magic Academy
  • Odin Orthodoxy
  • Hunter
  • Alberta Merchant Alliance

Each unions have their own unique quests and rewards. You can choose any union although most people, especially newbies tend to choose the union specific to their class  (i.e if you are an Assassin, they choose Darkness Shadow which I did and I regret it) though I recommend you check first what materials and/or items you need and what your goal is after you reach the level cap (for example, if your an Assassin like me, you need Fragment of the Unknown which can be exchanged for 14 points in Odin Orthodoxy, Colossal Bradium Piece which can be exchanged for 14 points in Alberta Merchant Alliance). Based on this, you can save time and effort by choosing the right union for your character.

1. Prontera Knightage
Desert Freyjanity Sweep Kill Freyjanity High Warriors, High Illusionists and High Apostles at the north east of the Road of Blessings 2 Points
Holy Cross Crusaders Supply Collect ‘Flammable Wood Blocks’ from the Manderus of Verta Delta 2 Points
Suppress the Wolf Cave Kill Wild Male and Female Rackufs at the Wolf Cave in HARD Mode 4 Points
The Unwelcome Guest from Another World Kill ‘The End’ at the Sandarman Fortress of the Road of Blessings in HARD Mode 6 Points

Exchange NPC Location: outside the swordsman guild house in Prontera just in front of the cathedral.
prontera knightage
Exchangeable Items:

2. Darkness Shadow
Assassination of the Freyjanity of the Forest Kill ‘Poisoner’ at the north west of Maple Forest without being detected by freyjanity mobs 2 Points
Assassination of the Freyjanity of the Desert Assassinate ‘Poisona’ at the north east of the Road of Blessings without being detected by freyjanity mobs 2 Points
Seed of Darkness Kill Jeiwatch at the Sand Storm Fortress of Sogratt Desert in HARD Mode 4 Points
Ingredients for the Fatal Venom Collect ‘Fatal Venom’ from Venomer at the Hell of Deadly Poison of the Divided Plains in HARD Mode 6 Points

Exchange NPC Location: north part of Prontera near the Assassin and Rogue class change.

Exchangeable Items:

3. Magic Academy
Magic Orb Collect the ‘Magic Energy’ from the large Purple Orb near the Afanc village at the east of the Southern Plains 1 Point
Vanaheim Magic Collect ‘Vanaheim’s Magic Fragment’ from Imps and Demons from Arrogance’s Vanaheim of Payon Forest and Fury’s Vanaheim of Maple Forest 1 Point
Ancient Legacy 1 Defeat Kiel MK-II at the Abandoned Laboratory of Maple Forest in HARD Mode 6 Points
Ancient Legacy 2 Defeat Kiel MK-III at the Fortress of Sandarman of the Road of Blessings in HARD Mode 6 Points

Exchange NPC Location: inside prontera castle.

Exchangeable Items:

4. Odin Orthodoxy
Letter of Agreement of the Odin Orthodoxy Go to Payon Monk Temple at the north west part of the map and deliver the letter to submaster songchu 1 Point
Purification Ritual Visit and pray to the 4 runes stones (tombs) at the payon forest near the payon dungeon at the south east part of the map 2 Points
The Evil Soul of the Secret Forest Tomb Kill Evil Fire Phatom which can be found at the Payon Dungeon 3rd floor in Hard mode 6 Points
The Corrupt Holy One Kill Edith Schweiz, the last boss next to Drake which can be found in the sunken ship in Hard mode 6 Points

Exchange NPC Location: Outside Prontera cathedral.

Exchangeable Items:

5. Hunter
Desert Wolves Kill 10 Desert Wolves at the west of Sogratt Desert 2 Points
Raise the Reputation Hunt the Lone Traveller, Tyrant Rush-Tank and Death Pereiz in Divided Plains 2 Points
Tears of the Mermaid Collect ‘Mermaid Tears’ from Obeaunes and Coral Obeaunes at the Temple of the Sea God of Izrud Hill in HARD Mode 4 Points
Overlord of the Depths Defeat the Ungoliant at the Hell of Deadly Poison of the Divided Plains in HARD Mode 6 Points

Exchange NPC Location: at the middle of Divided Plains near the profession experts

Exchangeable Items:

6. Alberta Merchant Alliance
The Lost Delivery Item Collect the 3 delivery items which can be found at the port of Alberta (2 in the port and 1 at the beach) 1 Point
Age of Mining Collect Nephrite Ore found in Southern Plains, the Divided Plains and Verta Delta. (Tip: You can collect 4 minerals in divided plains, 3 near the town at the middle of the map, 1 near the entrance to alberta) 1 Point
The Old Enemy of Merchants Kill Edze of Sogratt Desert and Miyaong of the Road of Blessing 2 Points
Ghost of the Sea Kill Drake at the Cursed Ghost Ship of Verta Delta in HARD Mode 6 Points

Exchange NPC Location: at the middle of Alberta, near the house with 2nd floor npc

Exchangeable Items:

I will be updating the quests for each union once I have enough time. It’s 3 in the morning and I’m kind of sleepy. >.< Thanks for reading and feel free to visit again anytime.


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