My Assassin Build

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Guides, Ragnarok Online 2
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For those who are asking for my build (especially my guild mates), this is the skill build that I use for my assassin. So far, I’m doing good in 1 on 1 PVP but average in Colosseum. This build utilizes all the basic skills of an Assassin like Shadow Explosion, Shadow Fang which is your main offensive skills and the prerequisite skills needed like Shadow Form, Combo Training and Shadow Fiend. My build focuses on combos and criticals to deal max damage to PVE and PVP which is why Shadow Cloak and Genocide Mark is Max at 5. The downside of this build is the decrease in mobility as an assassin because I didn’t add hiding exceed. AOE is not really an option when it comes to Assassins so don’t add points to Shadow Fang and Meteor Assault. Cross Impact and Grimtooth(though you can gain combo points while using it) are worthless skills but is required for other skills so just put 1 point to each skill. Double Attack and Deadly Blow is still your bread and butter when it comes to PVE. Shadow Assault is good for both PVE and PVP because it lets you leap towards your enemy and it also includes fall damage(stun) for 3 seconds.
Click here for the actual skills simulator
assassinskill build


STR 41 (gives Damage and Block)
AGI 41 (increates Crit and Evasion)

As for my stats, I focused on STR and AGI, all else are set to 1. Vit doesn’t give you much so I only depend on gears for my Vit and HP. With this build, I can get around 40% critical rate using Archer’s Agi buff, Genocide Mark, Shadow Cloak, Level 40 PAtk, Matk, Crit Food, Level 50 Agi buff potion + Level 50 Agi boost potion. With that rate, I can crit 8/10 from my attacks which is considered as a full crit assassin although if not using an agi boost potion, my crit rate drops to 36% which is still not bad considering that no other class can reach that :D. As for my damage, it’s enough to do DPS on bosses and sometimes tank until our our knight is revived with the help of shadow armor and heal of priests.

  • Genocide Mark gives 2% crit rate at level 5, not 0.2% so if your crit is 20%, you’ll have 22% when you use the buff.
  • Shadow Armor gives 50% damage reduction to all types of attacks so If the boss hits you with the normal damage of 1000, while your using this buff it reduces the damage to half and you’ll receive 500.
  • Shadow Form gives you 30% attack damage and 30% moving speed, not 30% attack and moving speed.
  • Pros: Average build, High damage to crit ratio, High survivability due to Shadow Armor, balance on PVE and PVP
  • Cons: Less mobility, Vit and HP depends on gears, 1 on 1 fighting

If you are planning to create an assassin, make sure that it fits the type of player you are. If you are a soloist like me then its the best class out there aside from beast master, wizards and rangers. Moreover, don’t expect that it’s still the same with RO1 that has high dodge rate, survivability and ridiculous attack speed because gravity really nerfed assassins to the fullest. If you’re a party lover, I suggest you don’t create an assassin. You’ll have a hard time joining one because no one wants you, only your buff unless you have friends or guild mates 😀 By the way, you will always look like a werewolf due to shadow form but you’ll get over it soon hehe. This is not the perfect build for assassins but it works best for me. In the end, you can try out different builds and use the ones that suits you and your style.

  1. Fercast says:

    shadow armor doesnt give 50% dmg reduction, it increases in 50% your def rate

    • try checking what it does in actual battle and you’ll see it reduces the damage of a monster in half. dmg reduction and def rate is different when it comes to actual combat.

  2. ascha says:

    sup brother in assassin league 😀 ,
    i just wanna ask theres some ppl said that if you fully at AGI than STR your only get great crits, but low “raw damage” cuz lack of STR, and it works the other way too fully STR than AGI then youll have big standar/raw damage but lack of crits, is it true?

  3. Yes, I agree with you. That is true my friend, so I would suggest you go for str or if you want a balance build, use 41 str 41 agi. My last build is 50 str, 28 agi and so far my crit is not that bad because I also use agi runes. Depends upon your preference really. Check my Assassin build v2 and v3 post here in my blog for additional information. Thanks!

  4. Kwangvatar says:

    How about stat if 36 str 36 agi leftover to vit. can you give me explanation. im still newbie using assassin

    • Im not sure with that build. we are assassins, we focus on dps, str and crit. you can get vit from +5 vit runes so I guess its not really an option to add more vit. and what do you get by adding 1 vit? 10hp i guess? hehe still depends on your preference though. IMHO i’ll go either 50 str 28 agi or 41 str 41 agi which are the basic builds for assassins.

  5. Kwangvatar says:

    oo, tq for u explanation. 🙂 im gonna follow your build if u dont mind

    • sure, no problem at all. hope you check on other builds as well. check out google and you may find a build suited for your play style. Thanks for visiting my site and check my other posts as well. 😀

  6. Kwangvatar says:

    can i ask jed. what is the best item i can get for assassin.

    • Are you referring to the weapon of an assassin? After you reach the level cap, I advised you to get a Blue level 50 weapon which can be obtained from Goblin Leader in Road of Blessing. You can add str/agi or vit runes there. As you go along, you can get purple weapon from bapho garden. Final weapon I suppose is the one from colo which I believe has the highest atk.

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