WarZ Journal: Day 1

Posted: February 15, 2013 in The WarZ
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I played War Z yesterday after hours of playing RO2. I was kind of bored because I don’t have anything to do after I finish doing the daily quests and the Colosseum so I decided to check WarZ again. At first it was quite the usual feeling when I was playing it during the alpha and beta phase. The suspense and thrill of being killed was there and the eeriness of the game environment was still there. However, even at first glance I noticed that the graphics drastically changed. The lighting was good, the animations are far better now, the houses are now open and can be looted and there’s alot of new features.

I immediately logged in to Teamspeak hoping that I could play Co-op with some of my new clanmates (yeah, I joined a new clan). Good thing there was an admin to change my status to member so that I can access other channels aside from the lobby. There were some people who are playing and I asked them if we could play together. Good thing there was one who is willing to join me so we decided to meet inside US Server 60. There were 14 players when I joined the game, probably the lowest number I’ve seen so far from the server list. I created a new character just to have the feel again. I spawned at the north part of the map near Crystal Lake Resort. I was surprised to see that the landscape really changed and I managed to be familiarized again with the place even it was night time.

I checked my map and look for other possible places where i can get good loots and the closest one is the resort. I decided to go on and checked the surrounding areas for loot. I killed nearly 10 zombies to clear my path and to loot the whole place and I didn’t even get any weapons though there are time capsules, new food etc. I asked my buddy where to meet up and he said he’ll just use his other character near Goblin’s peak (safezone at the eastern part of the map) which is just a 15 minutes walk from where I am located. I continued moving on to the next place which is a small gas station and again, no weapons whatsoever. I managed to meet up with my newly found friend safely without being attacked by other players.  I noticed that there is a pointer now above the player when you are in a group which I must say is a good addition to the game. It really helps alot especially when you are grouping up with other people.

We decided to loot the next place which is a small trailer park used by the survivors at the early days of the apocalypse. Again we found nothing but food and little cash from zombies. We cleared the area and moved on to the next. My buddy and I decided to go at the other side of the lake going to the helicopter crash. We first cleared the lakehouse and then moved to the barn near it. Good thing we decided to check it out because I found a machete which I immediately use to kill the zombie running towards me. It was a 2 shot kill though I was damaged by that rotting monster. We were about to go to the helicopter crash but my internet connection acted up and I got disconnected from the game! Because Its very late and I have work the next day, I decided to bid goodbye to my clanmates and asked them if we can play again some other time. It was a good first day in WarZ. 😀


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