How far will you go in a Zombie Outbreak? Part 1

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Zombie Outbreak
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If a zombie outbreak happens now, how far will I go? Your survivability rate will greatly depend on the circumstances and the current location where you are in. Second, what will you do first amidst the chaos? How fit are you to be able to get past the zombies? Are you prepared to do whatever it takes just to stay alive or would you just avoid contact from zombies and other survivors, keep it low and stay silent? Can you maintain your humanity despite the things that happened (or will be happening)? These are the questions that I always ask myself  if a zombie outbreak is to happen now.

Where are you right now? 
Your current location is the first factor to consider when there is a zombie outbreak. The common places where people are when the zombie outbreak happens are likely the following:

  • Houses
  • Streets/Roads or Highways
  • Office/Buildings
  • School
  • Hospital
  • Mall

shaunofHouse – If you are in your house then your in luck because you have the necessary things to survive e.g food, shelter, mobility(if you have a car), weapons (if you have baseball bats, hammers, or shotguns etc). However, if you are in an urban area where there’s a large neighborhood then chances are you’ll be immediately killed by one of your friends or neighbors. if you are living in a low population area, then you might be able to survive the first few hours of the apocalypse. Mind you, the first 3 hours of the outbreak is very crucial to be able to determine your survivability.

zombiesStreet/Road – If you are on the road with your car then you are in pure luck. Everything is in chaos and your just driving your way past the outbreak although there’s just one downside, Traffic. Everyone is thinking the same, get on your car and get away as fast as you can. Because of the traffic, the zombies will catch up to you and just kill everything on their path. It’s not a bad thing to bring your car but make sure that if it gets crowded, get your things and just run. You can make it alive by running through the forest or anywhere out of the road. Make sure to grab a wrench or any tool that you can find handy before going out of your car because it might save you from the zombies coming after you. If your traveling on foot, try to make your way in an open space or to the forest, avoid roads and urbanized areas.

Dawn-of-the-Dead-zombies-elevatorOffice – If you are in the office then I’d say your survivability is very low unless you manage to get some weapons which is very rare on that location if you’d ask me and other survivors trying to get out of the building. Most of the time, the entrance of the building is blocked by zombies because of the people who tried to escape first are first ones to be eaten. If you are planning to use the elevator, then it will be your instant death. Once the door opens, every zombie will come after you and that’s the end. Most of the time, its best to take the long route which is the stairs and by the way, don’t try to go to the emergency exit because there’s alot of zombies there, I assure you. The rooftop is a good place to hide but its also the worst location you’ll be. When you get there, there’s no other place to go and the only option is to jump from the building or make your way back inside which I doubt you will opt to do because of the horde of zombies coming after you. If you manage to seal the door and lockout yourself in the roof, then you can make it alive, for now. Because your in the rooftop, chances of food and water supply is very low unless you were able to pack things up in the cafeteria or if you have a pack lunch in your bag which I doubt you’ll have time to think about that with what is happening around. Your chances of survival in the office building is very low, but if you manage to get out alive, then that’s good.

Zombie-Classroom-76086School – If you are in school, then I have bad news for you. Because of the large population of students, the virus will spread rapidly and chances are you’ll be dying in minutes. A good example of this is the anime High School of the Dead(HotD) wherein the school was attacked by a single zombie, a teacher was bitten and in just minutes, it spread like wildfire. Weapons are also rare in this location though there are some like baseball bats, tennis rackets. There’s also less hiding place and most of the time you’ll encounter wondering zombies at the lobby and in classrooms. The front gate is block and there’s likely a little percentage of cars. If you are in grade school or middle school, then I’d say there’s a high probability for you to be eaten. If you are in high school and college then you might be able to survive and get past the zombies, just try to avoid getting noticed and being a douchebag.

hospital-zombieHospital – Well you are out of luck because most of the people there are infected and are about to turn in no time. You have no choice but to leave them and run for your lives. Melee weapons are rare and if you ever find one, its not that effective against the zombies unless you copy the man at the picture on the left but instead hitting the zombie on its head. You’ll have a hard time going out of the hospital and the only chance that you have is to go to the rooftop or block yourself in a room and hide their until the chaos subsides.

dawn-of-the-dead-21_480_posterMall – Its not the best place to be in a zombie outbreak. There’s alot of people but there’s also alot of weapons to choose from. You can go to a hardware store and grab a hammer or wrench; you can visit the sports shop and get a baseball bat, or you can just simply go to the gun store and load yourself with a rifle, shotgun or a pistol.

While you’re reading this post try to ask yourself if you can survive the outbreak when it happens. I know some of you are in front of your computers and will probably wonder, if the outbreak happens now, what will I do? Where should I go? Do I go outside and kill the shite out of those things? Will I fortify my house and stay there for a while till rescue comes? Will I ask for help from other survivors? Those questions will be tackled on my next posts. I’ll be discussing further on this topic  and discuss some rules to follow in a zombie outbreak. For now, thanks for reading and if you find this post good, kindly like my blog and keep following me. Feel free to leave a comment and/or suggestion.


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