Warm Bodies — not your usual zombie movie

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Movies, Preview
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Warm Bodies is a movie set in a post zombie apocalyptic world which focuses on the everyday life of zombies after they “turned”. Its an unusual zombie movie in a way because it combines comedy and romance. In a sense, we can say that its a zombie version of Twilight minus the glittering effects of vampires and the big muscles of half naked men that transforms into wolves. It stars Nicholas Hoult as R, the main protagonist of the movie and Teresa Palmer as Julie, his food love interest  err..wait did I say Love? lol

Well its quite unusual for zombie films to be combined with comedy and/or romance, if you think about Resident Evil and Dawn of the Dead wherein the main characters fights the dead until the very end. However, in Warm Bodies it starts with R meets Julie and saves her from his fellow zombies and immediately falls in love to her. After that, it was followed by a series of events that lead to the zombies to  regain their humanity. Oops, I must have spoiled the fun for you guys by revealing those things.

I haven’t watched it in theaters though I’m planning to catch it over the weekend. Here is the trailer of the move courtesy of Youtube


Warm Bodies is based from Isaac Marion’s popular 2011 novel of the same name. It was released in the Philippines in January 31, 2013 and February 1 in the United States. Originally, its just a single book but  the author released a prequel recently and is planning to add another book. I think I might start reading it after I watched the movie because my sister has the 1st book and she downloaded the e-book of the prequel. I’m an instant fan of this movie/book because its about zombies plus there’s Teresa Palmer (hehe)

For more information of the movie Warm Bodies, you can check their website here

Thanks for reading and I hope you can check it on theaters near you 😀


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