Preview: The God of Highschool

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Manga, Preview
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I just want to share to you guys a preview for this great manga. Its called The God of Highschool or GoH by PARK Yong-Je. I’m not a fan of korean manga but this is just too awesome. Its somewhat similar to Tenjo Tenge minus the big boobies and gangsters running around. This manga focuses on the martial arts around the world that are being used by high schoolers in Korea ranging from Taekwondo (used by the main protagonist), Karate, Sword skills, to Charyeok (God Power) which the user borrows a power from the “gods”.

I’m not really sure how popular this manga but as for my rating, I’ll give it 8 out of 10. The illustrations are not that good compared to naruto, bleach, one piece and fairy tail but its enough to get you hook up. The best thing in this manga is that it’s colored and it focuses too much on its martial arts illustrations like when a character punches, kicks or performs a certain move. I started reading this manga last year and since then, I’ve been checking it out every week. Usually they upload a new chapter on Fridays and all pages are colored! How awesome is that? 😀

The plot of the story is about 3 friends who met each other in the tournament they participated. They grow strong each fight and learn new techniques in their art. What amazes me in this manga are the charyeoks or the god power. This are techniques and/or things that they can summon and use in battle. As of now, it has 93 chapters and each chapter consists of 30 to 40 pages.

Sample Images:

250px-The_Ninetails_Guardian tumblr_mdl6e4JfKR1qmapeqo1_500

(Naruto, U MAD? hehe)

The characters shown above are the main characters of the manga series. They both use the same technique and skills but I wonder who is stronger. 😀 I suggest you give it a try if you are bored and got nothing to do. If you are a fan of tekken, tenjo tenge or just plain MMA, you could check on this.

If you feel like reading this manga, kindly check it here


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