Scratch Thief Card Combination

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Ragnarok Online 2
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Card Stats:

  • Scratch Raider Card (+6 STR/AGI/INT/WILL, +17 VIT) – Obtained from “Reaver” creatures in Road of Blessing
  • Scratch Raider Card [General+] (+8 STR/AGI/INT, +7 WILL, +21 VIT) – Obtained by card synthesis with a Scratch Raider Card

I was checking out builds for my assassin after I reached level 50 and it says that I need 5 scratch thief cards preferably the normal+ ones. I immediately check the auction just to find out that it costs as from 280z to as much as 350z (too overpriced). A guild mate suggested to try out card combination and see if it would turn well for me and he also said too try using a card designation from the item mall. I was surprised it costs 130z each and a box is 650z which contains 5 of those card designation though it can also be bought from the item mall but i decided to buy a box.

Next was the scratch thief card (can be found in the road of blessing – lvl 50 map). Upon checking in the auction, it costs 50z so i just decided to farm it. After a day of farming I was able to get 6 (dunno if I’m lucky or I’m just persistent) and I collected 4 other cards to combine.

And here are the results: (2/5)

  • 1st try: Success! (yey)
  • 2nd try: FAIL
  • 3rd try: FAIL
  • 4th try: FAIL
  • last try: Success err…finally 😦

Because of the result, I decided to just buy another 2 scratch thief card [normal+]. I was lucky that there was one player who is very friendly and he/she decided to sell it to me for 400z all in all even though in the auction it was 280z each. I also gave her 25 pcs Maestro potion for compensation 😀

Total cost breakdown:

Card designation – 650z

Scratch thieff card – 0z

Random cards – 200z

Scratch theif card+ – 400z

Maestro Potion Recipe – 50z

Total: 1300z

I was so frustrated because of the result of that effin card combination, but I learned something about what happened. Its not really about the cards to be mixed out but it relies on pure luck 😀 At first, i thought if I combine all level 50 cards it would help in the success rate but that did not really help that much. As for the assignment of cards in the slot, nah. did not really healp also because I’m using card designation.

After that frustrating card combination, I went back to road of blessing and farm the hell out of those scratch thieves and I managed to collect a total of 14 cards in 3 days of constant farming hehe 10 of those were sold in the auction and I got 500z with that. Easy money huh? I killed like 500+ or nearly 1000 to get those 14 cards. Got lost in the count hahaha

Well, that’s it for now! Thanks for reading and RokOn2!


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