Ragnarok Online 2: LotS News!

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Ragnarok Online 2
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Ok, so I reached the level cap last week and I was wondering what’s next for RO2. Apparently, there were news about the content updates for RO2 in Korea and I’ll be listing all of it here! yey!

First of all, there will be a new race! Its called “Noel” though I’m not really sure if its a halfling or dwarf but it looks SMEXY (smart + sexy). With this, we can choose either human or the new race. Now I want to create one for another Assassin >.<


Next, they will also add WOE or War Of the Emperium! Hmm sounds like Lag again (hehe) and they are planning to add the content on April this year (kRO2). I’m not really a fan of WOE but I know alot of players will really love it. I was once part of a guild in RO1 and I joined 1 time and it was both fun and tiring. I guess it will be a bit different, knowing that there’s alot of changes in RO2.

They will be adding 2 new classes in kRO2 this year (not sure about this, I hope its Ninja and Gunslinger). As you all now, RO1 added Ninja and Gunslinger late in the game (if you know the history of the game and it really went well) I hope they add it in SEA this year or in the near future.

So to summarize:

  • New Race “Noel”
  • WOE – War of the Emperium
  • 2 New Classes

To read the full report, kindly click on this link here



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