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Posted: February 4, 2013 in The WarZ
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I was checking out my clan’s website in WarZ and I was surprised alot has changed. I haven’t been active in the game for like a month now due to Ragnarok Online 2 and I also noticed the low activity of my clanmates so for now I’m currently Inactive. I remembered my application form there and I just want to share it out here. 😀

Name: Jed

Age: 24

Country: Philippines

Ingame Name: BladeFury

Why do you want to join Via Domus: I need a group who i can work with in and out of the game.

What can you offer us as a player: pretty good in strategy, looting/scavenging skills, leadership, companionship, almost 20 hours online on weekends, loyalty

What do you expect from us as a clan: just like a family, helping each other, protecting other members just as you protect your own.

Where did you hear about us: Ippoc contacted me in the forum and invited me to join

What kind of a player are you: im both a leader though im not the type of person who wants to be one but I can be one in critical situations. I’m more of a role player wherein I can join loot runs, work in a team

Have you previously or are you currently affiliated with other clans: no

Explain teamwork in 20 words or less: I got your back, you got mine

Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it: Yes

How many hours per week do you play video games: weekdays 4 to 6 hours every night, weekends about 18 to 20 hours non-stop playing

Did you read the rules and do you comply with them: Yes and I would adhere to the terms and conditions

Anything else you would like to add: None so far, maybe next time.

I miss playing WarZ with my clanmates 😀


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